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Zebra Hide Rug – Area Rug Meets Grand Appeal

May 7, 2010

When selecting a rug for the home, there is no rug that stands out more than zebra skin rugs.  It gives the home an exotic look. It looks good in a modern home, tropical or African theme, and complements every color you can imagine. It provides the wow factor in any room of the home. Thus, it is important when selecting this decorating element for the home to purchase good quality grade from a reputable company.

There are three types of zebra, the imperial, mountain and Burchelli.  The Burchelli zebra is by far the most popular of the three. It is comprised of approximately twenty-six stripes with its shoulders displaying vertical stripes, and horizontal stripes around the ribcage as well as the hindquarters One of the reasons why the Burchelli is so popular is because its hide is widely used to create natural rugs.   In addition, it is not an endangered species. Its hide are usually imported legally to the U.S. and inspected by U.S. Customs.

Purchase a real zebra skin rug that has documentation to show the rug was not made from an endangered species, and the brand is legal to sell in the U.S.  You will find that this type of rug is usually imported from Africa, and is regulated by the African government.

African governments have vigorous control processes in place to assure the customer that they are buying a good quality product. The condition of the hide dictates the grading standard of the rug, and it is graded in four categories. The trophy grade is considered the best grade with no blemish.

A standard grade has blemishes that are minimal and only noticeable with thorough inspection, while the standard grade two and three has scarring and repairs that are visible.

Review the quality of the rug, a good quality zebra skin rug should be free of cars or blemishes. A good quality rug might run you anywhere from $500 or more depending on the size and other factors. For example, rugs that have good quality black felt backing provide additional protection and might cost a little more than a rug that do not have any type of backing. When you buy a zebra skin rug, you are not only buying an aesthetically pleasing decorative element, but you are buying a high quality product that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.