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Home Security Window Bars

April 23, 2010

The world we live in today can be a scary and dangerous place. Your home is the one place where you should always feel safe and secure. For that feeling of safety and security many people take steps to protect their homes and their families by installing various security devices. One simple and low cost way to get some peace of mind is to install window bars. Window bars are exactly what they sound like, a set of bars back to when the window frame to help keep intruders out.

Home security window bars are inexpensive and easy to install. Many sets of window bars available on the market today have a locking mechanism so that intruders can’t get in but you can unlock it if you need to get out through that window in case of an emergency.Window bars are also a good thing to have if you have small children. These bars allow you to have the window open without worrying about a child falling out of the window.

The downside to window bars are that many don’t have any easy to use release mechanism. If there is a fire or some other emergency it may not always be easy to find a key to unlock the bars and the bars would then blocked a potential escape route. In the case of a fire, the window bars could possibly block an entry point for firefighters. If you do choose to use window bars for home security, look for an option that does have an easy quick to release mechanism.

Preferably a release mechanism that would be easy to use in an emergency and yet something that a child would not be able to release themselves. Home security window bars may be an inexpensive option but should only be one part of a larger home security plan.

To protect your home and your family you should include other components as well such as outdoor lights turned on by motion detectors and possibly a burglar alarm system. There are many things that you can do to protect your home and family and there are a lot of inexpensive home security options available today. A thief is always going to look for the easiest target so anything you can do to make your house more difficult to break into will make your house that much less appealing to a potential thief and they are more likely to move onto an easier target.