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Man and Van Parking ticket

May 7, 2010

Man and Vans provides Man and Van services to industry and residential clients around London and often have to fight against parking tickets on behalf of our clients as part of our day to day work. Although we help customers with avoiding penalties occasionally penalties are issued wrongly or maybe occasionally because the parking warden is in a bad mood.

Virtually all man and van firms are unable to take liability for any parking tickets incurred whilst moving a client  it is the client’s duty to arrange parking bay suspensions or funding parking at a meter where necessary. In our experience the following steps can be taken in dealing with and avoiding parking tickets.

The council Furniture Removals parking exemption :

Though not frequently accepted by councils in daily parking enforcement, in the detail on their parking rules most authorities permit immunity to removals of household furniture. If you contact your local council you can get a clear-cut response on if they will allow this generally held exemption.

Cover yourself and getting a parking bay suspension :

In our experience the immunity above is not necessarily enough to guarantee that the removals vehicle remains ticketless. However, traffic wardens will leave us and you alone if you requesting advance for a parking bay suspension  unfortunately the only way to ensure you are left alone is to pay for the privilege.

Challenging a ticket :

Despite the fact that we require that clients paying full for parking fines received at the end of the job  you can ask that we don’t pay it right away so that you can lodge a claim against the ticket. We suggest Ticket Busters who claim to get off 90% of parking tickets. From what we have learned disputing parking fines all over London, your appeal will frequently be successful if you have a suitable argument and supporting documents backing up your dispute, and if you persevere with the appeal up until threatening to take it to legal proceedings.