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Solar Path Lights – Increase The Beauty Of Your Home

May 7, 2010

Most people choose to use lighting down the pathway leading from your curb or detached garage to the entrance door of the home. The lights can be virtually any style. They add a feature of safety when moving along the path in twilight or moonlight conditions. The drawback to regular lights is that they need to be wired in so that they can operate. There should also be at least one and ideally two control switches, one at each end of the pathway. Solar path lights remove some of the major difficulties with wired lights.

Because solar units are powered from the sun, you don’t need electrical wiring or switches to use them. They take in the rays from the sun daily during hours of sunlight and release the light overnight through the dark hours. This means you are not using electricity and you have the lighting through the night. Because the light storage takes place with no action on your part, you won’t need to turn on the lights at a power switch. The lighting is activated and visible when it’s dark enough. When the sun rises, the lights begin the energy collection process again.

Lighted paths reduce the risk of stumbles on a darkened path. Safety is definitely an important consideration if you need to regularly cross an area where there may be limited lighting. You will be a lot better off to put some lights along the pathway to reduce the chance of tripping or falling.

Lights powered from the energy of the sun can be very appealing to the eye at the same time as they are providing safety for your home and person. Enhance landscape features by additional lights beside garden paths. Choose lighting to focus on patio space, a portion of your garden or the space around a gazebo. Brighter lighting reduces the possibility of tripping over a rough pavement or pathways.
You can use one or two lights or as much as you need to light up the dark paths around your home. Solar lights are usually a little less bright than electric units. To acheive a similar illumination along a path, you might need to supply more lights.

Use solar path lights to outline a garden or to enhance a gate post. Really the only restriction would be that the light has to be in a position where natural sunlight will reach it for several hours every day. For safety and beauty, there are few things more practical than solar lights.