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Home security with Barbed Wire Fencing

April 30, 2010

When you own a property and you have animals and a family to protect, it is important that you have adequate security fencing surrounding the area in order to keep out all of the unwanted visitors. For some, the unwanted visitors will include predators that can harm your livestock, for others, the unwanted visitors will include trespassers. Either way, a strong fence that will deter both humans and animals from entering your property, can be achieved with the use of a top quality barbed wire fencing.

Barbed wires are wires that have sharp edges or points arranged at regular intervals. This wire, although dangerous if you were to get yourself entangled in it, is extremely effective as a security measure. This type of fencing is very affordable and can also be easy to install as well. There are professionals that can install it for you, or you could try to give it a go yourself in order to save even more money. If you were thinking about constructing the fence yourself you will definitely need protective clothing and an extremely hardy pair of gloves. A cut from this type of wire can travel quite deeply under the skin, so you will also need to make sure that your children, or your friends children, are educated in some safety issues in regards to the fence and the potential danger.

Barbed wire fencing is used for cattle and for fences in hilly country areas, and in some extreme cases, even around houses and businesses that need protecting. Wooden posts are normally kept between for support. For agriculture you can have soft wire or high tensile wires, this tensile wire is thinner but the quality of steel is very good so that the livestock or any trespassing person cannot stretch the wire to make it loosen. There are occasions where you may be repairing sections of your current fence and you can use barbed wire during this time to maintain your security whilst you are conducting your repairs.

Many prisons make use of these fences, even in the top security prisons and this is the perfect demonstration of just how effective it is in keeping what you want in, and keeping what you don’t want in, out. These types of fences are also extremely difficult to climb, simply for the fact that it would be almost impossible to climb without sustaining some kind of injury.

When you are close to your barbed wire fencing, or your family members are, it is really important not to get too close, especially if you are wearing loose and flowing clothing. Your clothing can become tangled in the wires and they will rip.
Regular fencing checks are needed in order to fix repairs immediately if they arise. Having a fault in the fence or a loose fence post will make your security measures redundant. There may be times when you will need to replace individual wires, or it could be the case that you need to replace a post. Either way, you are not going to be able to keep the unwanted things out when your fence is faulty and in need of repair.