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Zebra Hide Rug – Area Rug Meets Grand Appeal

May 7, 2010

When selecting a rug for the home, there is no rug that stands out more than zebra skin rugs.  It gives the home an exotic look. It looks good in a modern home, tropical or African theme, and complements every color you can imagine. It provides the wow factor in any room of the home. Thus, it is important when selecting this decorating element for the home to purchase good quality grade from a reputable company.

There are three types of zebra, the imperial, mountain and Burchelli.  The Burchelli zebra is by far the most popular of the three. It is comprised of approximately twenty-six stripes with its shoulders displaying vertical stripes, and horizontal stripes around the ribcage as well as the hindquarters One of the reasons why the Burchelli is so popular is because its hide is widely used to create natural rugs.   In addition, it is not an endangered species. Its hide are usually imported legally to the U.S. and inspected by U.S. Customs.

Purchase a real zebra skin rug that has documentation to show the rug was not made from an endangered species, and the brand is legal to sell in the U.S.  You will find that this type of rug is usually imported from Africa, and is regulated by the African government.

African governments have vigorous control processes in place to assure the customer that they are buying a good quality product. The condition of the hide dictates the grading standard of the rug, and it is graded in four categories. The trophy grade is considered the best grade with no blemish.

A standard grade has blemishes that are minimal and only noticeable with thorough inspection, while the standard grade two and three has scarring and repairs that are visible.

Review the quality of the rug, a good quality zebra skin rug should be free of cars or blemishes. A good quality rug might run you anywhere from $500 or more depending on the size and other factors. For example, rugs that have good quality black felt backing provide additional protection and might cost a little more than a rug that do not have any type of backing. When you buy a zebra skin rug, you are not only buying an aesthetically pleasing decorative element, but you are buying a high quality product that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.


Making Style Comes Naturally With Slate Tiles

May 7, 2010

Tiling part of your home is where you spend the most and always give a serious thought while selection of tiles. Certainly, it becomes a matter of disquiet when you do not find a right tile for your home. But, as long as there is a Slate tile you can definitely decorate your home with comfort. It is a natural gift found deep under the earth crust. It is modified and then comes in showrooms with pride of elegance. They are strong and have long life, usually do not get affected due to weathering. Means, temperature has a minor or all most no effect on the slate surface.

They are frequently used by builders for flooring, roofing, counter top and other applications. There is infinite range of colors in Slate tile to shield every corner of your house according to your own style. It set itself apart when it comes to tile kitchen area. They are heat impervious, enabling slate walls to bear maximum heat produced through burners and other heating instruments. You will prefer slate for kitchen counter tops for the very same reason. After all, kitchen has to be safe. Slip-resistance is Slate’s another feature that makes it an excellent option for bathroom entrance areas where dampness is expected or heavy traffic areas like public and commercial buildings. Moreover, it is very good temperature regulator, making it ideal for both winter and hot season.

When it comes to durability and low maintenance Slate tiles has its name in the international market. It is widely accepted tiles for several applications. Slate usually has dark color which means dirt is hardly visible. This reduces the labor of cleaning floor frequently. Periodical mopping and sweeping is enough to clean them. Although color shades that are available are dark yet there are many options you can find. Few of the liked shades that you can find in Slate tiles are grey, green, blue, black, red, orange or brown etc.

Basically, slate tile is found with vein of color running through the surface of tile. It is its natural look and thus no tile matches ever. If you login to concern websites you might come across variety of tile with different quality. Each of them promises to offer high quality but very often they cannot fulfill them. Many tile retailers offer cheap price and discounts but you must be very cautious as cheap tile do not always come with quality.

Antique Door Knocker – Tips On Buying A Antique Door Knocker

May 7, 2010

Just as it would seem to be, an antique door knocker describes one whose style has been known for many , many years, and for that reason appears as if it experienced a battered historical past. In reality, door knockers were often present in virtually every home since you had to knock on the door. Nonetheless, these necessary items soon after grew to become just accessories for the houses whenever door bells found their way in. However, you’ll be able to still choose to get one for the front door to draw out the appearance of your own exceptional home.

Also important for your doors are the door knobs.  Two of the most popular kinds of door knobs are Antique Brass Door Knobs and Brushed Nickel Door Knobs.  They can help make your door and your house look very classy.  You can get additional information about Antique Brass Door Knobs and Brushed Nickel Door Knobs by clicking on the links at the bottom of this article.

Whenever you search the inventory of door knocker providers for types, you will be overcome by the several selections presented. You’ll find so many styles, types, shades, shapes and sizes readily available for the basic job of knocking on the front door! Given that these days door knockers are put in for the primary purpose of decorating your home, you need to be careful in deciding on one which brings about the exceptional you, and yes it must also merge flawlessly with the remainder of the home.

A door knocker has got to fight the blowing wind, bad weather, and also sunlight daily because it will probably be outside the house all of the time. Therefore, you ought to make sure that there is a protecting coating on the knocker in order that it may possibly continue being shiny over summer and winter without get defective.

In case the coating is omitted, the metal utilized to create the knocker could easily get damaged and be harmed. As soon as that comes about, you will have to obtain an expert to come in and carry out the repair for you or maybe change the knocker for a completely new one, which will cost more as well as required more work.

Whenever you would like an appropriate antique door knocker, you will discover it will probably be crafted from copper, cast iron, alloy or stainless steel. There isn’t any very best metal for all these metals have their own positives and negatives. However, the most essential aspect to think about when you find yourself making your selection is to acquire the one that matches nicely with the remainder of the home décor. It must also enhance your own originality and be one thing that you enjoy.

One of the best places to start your search for antique door knocker or Antique Brass Door Knobs and Brushed Nickel Door Knobs is the Internet.  You will find all of the styles and types plus you will also find the best bargains!

How to Keep Surveillance System on Your Home or Work with A Mobile Phone

May 2, 2010

Camera surveillance systems brought a great improvement to our lives and home security systems when they came in. Before the invent of such surveillance security systems, there was no way we could actually keep a check on what is happening at home or at work. It is recorded by the FBI that burglary happens every 8 seconds and everyone is at the mercy of these burglars who never announce when they will be coming in.

Today, you do not have to worry so much about keeping a watch on your home or on your employees because of the ease that camera surveillance systems have brought. I wonder what detectives and the police will do without it. It even gets a lot better today, you can keep a surveillance on what is happening in your home or at work by installing a surveillance system that you can monitor on your mobile phone. The truth is, it is impossible for you to carry a computer with you everywhere you go and even if you do, you will not be watching the surveillance system on the computer while driving. It would not be easy and that is why mobile phone surveillance is a whole lot better when it comes to keeping in touch with what is happening both at home or at work. Wherever you are, whether you are driving or in the train or while you are even waiting for the bus at the bus station, you can check in at home or at work by just looking in your mobile phone and there you are watching it all live.

This way you will be well informed and can prevent theft, you can watch your employees, you can keep an eye on the care giver of your children, nothing actually slips through your hands, and you are well informed when you have such a tool in your hands. These cell phone or mobile phone surveillance systems are much more affordable and easy to use. You will be able to monitor multiple webcams on your mobile phone so nothing is missing. Don’t wait till you are under threat before you think about getting this done, you don’t have to be a victim before you learn your lessons.

Plan Closet Solutions For Your Home

April 29, 2010

The most important part of figuring out closet solutions is creating a plan. Because you cannot get to where you are going without a plan. You cannot arrive at your destination if you do not even know what the destination is. So how do you create a plan? How do you figure out where “there” is? You have to begin with the end in mind. So ask yourself questions like: What am I trying to accomplish by having an organized closet? How will I feel? How will it look different? Take some time to dream about what you want your closet to look like.

If you could organize your closet any way that you want to, what would it look like? What would be in it? If you need some help visualizing it, take some time to look on the internet or through magazines for pictures. If you can draw, sketch out what it would look like. The next part of planning closet solutions is figuring out a budget for your plan. Now that you have a clear idea of what “there” looks like, you need to figure out how much it will cost. If you have a grand vision of redesigning your entire closet and putting in a professional closet system but you are on a limited budget, you are going to need to figure out how you can have your dream but have it for less. This will mean getting creative with what you have and figuring out how to best utilize every penny that you spend.

Table Lamp On Your Home In A Unique Way

April 24, 2010

We have been using table lamps to make use of light that mankind had invented accidentally. However, the table lamps of those times used to be entirely different from those, which are available today. In the past, men used to stuff dried moss inside a shell, and then lit up the same. Like everything, table lamps too have undergone a lot of changes, and have literally evolved in varied shapes, sizes & styles. Also, these have given rise to different kinds of furniture, both stylish as well as classic.

These lamps can just serve as light shredders or they can be stylized in such a way so as to being the desired lighting effecting adding value to the décor of your home. Some table lamps can be used for general reading purposes, while others can be used specifically for producing lighting effects for carrying out some detailed tasks. Looking at the anatomy of a table lamp, it comprises of many parts. Beginning with base, it is made of steel, ceramic etc. Then, there is a steel pipe which supports the base cap, lamp socket, neck etc. Further, there is lamp shade, which covers the bulb and helps the light to diffuse in the desired fashion.

Table lamps are widely available in varied shapes, sizes designs, colors etc. Many people specialized in designing table lamps have come up with really visually appealing table lamps, which are widely available at. Vgk lighting at quite affordable prices.

Choosing a right table lamp, that which enhances the beauty of your home can be a challenging task since the choices are varied. But if you get the right piece of advice, it would not be that complicated task as it may sound. All you are supposed to do is get the right blend of your creativity and taste.

The setting of your home (furniture in particular) should be carefully taken into consideration. Depending on the place where you want to position the table lamp, you must select the size of the table lamp. For example, large table lamps can be mounted on heavy and big tables. Nowadays, porcelain lamps are quite in trend. Then the price factor is also quite a significant one. You must weigh your pocket first. If you have reasonable cash in your wallet, you can go for stylish Tiffany lamps or any other stylish lamp.

Direction For Your Home Security System

April 24, 2010

Seeing ahead is important in all areas of life.  Without a good amount of foresight, you’ll find yourself spinning your wheels, going nowhere.  This principle certainly applies to home security systems.  If you haven’t looked ahead and seen which direction you ought to take with your alarm and safety apparatus, you’re going to leave your property vulnerable to break-ins.  Since this failure would have terrible consequences, you need to look ahead.  Here are five ways to do it.

1. Get the latest on criminal technology

Criminals are like any other group of professionals.  While they might not have a union or other professional designation, they certainly have trade secrets and methods of sharing advanced information.  If you want to know the latest on the criminal intelligence front, do some research and contact a local police or sheriff’s office for some information.  This type of thinking will lead in the right direction in terms of your home security plan.

2. Phase out the old

Some of the older contraptions in your security system may have become painfully out of date.  Whether it’s the window break sensor that goes off when a glass breaks in a television show or a motion sensor that goes haywire every time your dog strolls by, you’ve got to get rid of the outmoded technology.  Talk to your home security system provider to find out what is the best solution for these devices.  Once you get things replaced, you’ll feel a lot better about things.

3. Utilize the resources available to you

Whether you know it or not, there’s a lot you can do with your cell phone or internet connection.  For one, with the right setup, you can control the motion sensors and other devices on your home security system.  For another, you can watch the footage being taken by surveillance cameras.  If you are out of the house a lot and want to guarantee your security plan is in order, these resources will prove to be invaluable.

4. Plan for a robbery

Assuming the worst case scenario is smart on a number of levels.  You’ll be able to limit the damage if something goes wrong, as you’ll already know what you might lose.  To keep your valuables out of sight, utilize a safe or a safety deposit box in your local bank.  Even if a thief is some sort of master safe cracker, he’ll need a good deal of time to pull it off – time which won’t be available with your home alarm system ringing out of control.

5. Get back to basics

In the course of looking ahead, you might neglect the basics of any sound security plan.  Make sure your locks are all in order and your windows have adequate reinforcements in place.  As for further details, keep your yard work in order so as not to allow for any one to get access to your home easily.

Your Trust Feng Shui in Home

April 24, 2010

The words Feng – Shui literally mean Wind- Water.
Feng Shui originated from China 4,000 years ago. China ushered in therir new year on February 14th ,2010[Valentines Day]. This year is the year of the Tiger. 2010 is Year 4707 in the Chinese Calendar.

Feng Shui aims to assist in locating buildings in the most perfect condition so as to release positive energy known as Qi[chi]. A building that merges well with nature and the environment also produces good Qi.

1. Yi Yang.

Feng Shui is made up of 5 elements-Water, Wood, Fire, Earth/Soil and Metal under the concept of Yin –Yang..
Water has more Yin than Wood for example.
Feng Shui aims at balancing the forces of Yin and Yang within a building.

2. Practical Examples

A practical example of good Feng shui is whereby the architects avoid to run beams across the living rooms or bedrooms. This creates negative energy in Feng Shui terms. Any decent architect will advice his client that such a beam defines space vertically hence if it’s a large room for example a sitting room that is supposed to be used as one room, the overhead beam that cuts across it makes the occupants feel as if there is something that is dividing the space into 2 parts. This feeling will affect the occupants negatively, reducing the occupant’s optimum performance. This is what the Feng Shui practitioners will call negative Qi.

3. Qi

The flow of Qi is the same as the universal order of the Tao. Tao is Chinese meaning ‘way’. It is the flow of the universe, the force that keeps the universe in a natural order. If you have watched the movie ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, you will definitely get the drift.
According to Feng Shui practitioners, Qi enters the house through the front door. A good architect is trained to articulate the main entrance through use of columns, expensive and attractive wall and floor finishes so as to make the entrance area unique. This is a sub-conscious attempt to bring in positive energy to the house.
Decisions such as putting up a decorated main door will also attract good Qi to the house. Grande Hand-curved Swahili doors are a good example to this even though the Swahili have never heard of Feng Shui. Each and every organized community has its own localized form of Feng Shui.

4. African Architecture

Traditional African houses were made of natural material-Earth walls and thatch roof. In Feng Shui terms, these materials give the most positive energy to the occupants.
The planning arrangement of an African traditional homestead was also to a specific order such as the position of the mans house, 1st wifes house, cow pen, granary, sons house e.t.c.
This shows that these houses were designed to unlock positive Qi to the occupants though they had never heard of Feng Shui.

Currently, in the modern world, the natural construction materials are more expensive than the artificial materials.
A floor finish like hard-wood parquet or blocks is very expensive compared to an imitation such as the HDF wood laminate floors. Another example is a solid hardwood door compared to an MDF door. The solid hardwood door is more expensive than the MDF door. MDF glue also contains carcinogens. In roofing, the stone-coated roofing tiles that imitate thatch are the most expensive roofing materials that we have at the moment. A thatch roof will give much more positive energy than the expensive stone coated roof at any given time.
This shows that you get more positive energy when you use more natural materials.


A well designed house that has been designed to the occupant’s satisfaction will definitely assist in giving him the positive energy required for optimum performance.
Design aspects such as colour of the rooms, orientation of the house, position of doors and windows, finishes and the overall shape of the building should all be considered for each individual by their architect so as to come up with a house that gives the most Qi.

Beautiful Curtains For Interior Design Your Home

April 23, 2010

Window treatments such as beautiful curtains help in changing the informal mood of your living room to a very desirable relaxed atmosphere. Sweeping curtain open from the centre and allowing them to cascade into pools of fabric are ideal for modern homes.

Traditional styles :

opt for a more formal look when the curtains are opened and sit majestically either side of the window.this style adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your home.
Nowadays, there is a new trend of ready made curtains, since you get a great range of colours and sizes to choose from. It is not only the colours and sizes, but also the variety of textures they are offered in which makes them so popular among all home owners. You can be as creative as you want while choosing the best texture, colour, the correct size, and different accessories to make your curtains look different and compliment your interior design style.

Your room can easily look sophisticated and majestic if the windows of your room are decorated with a slightly luxurious damask or jacquard fabric, especially if they are bay windows. Make these materials your top choice, since they are available in medium weight fabric, along with a colourful range and versatile patterns. Manufacturers offer curtains with deep subtle folds which in turn produce beautiful pleats.

You can also get hold of ready-made curtains especially designed for bay windows. Eyelet curtains provide a trendy look to your living room and are an economic choice for modern or contemporary homes.

The fall of the curtain is also as important to achieve the desired look. Depending on the style of the headings you can enhance the window dressings by using different curtain poles or tracks. Medium weight curtains in light colours are best for bay windows and the poles for these windows are made according to their size and shape to ensure a perfect fitting. It is advisable to go for traditional curtain tracks for heavy curtains so that the curtains can be opened or drawn with minimum effort.

Long and dark curtains go best with dark furniture. They provide a warmth and cosy atmosphere in cold evenings in a traditionally designed home. To give a classic look, you can fit these with beautiful swag and tails or pellets.

To change your old dining room furniture and offer it a contemporary look, light coloured curtains with contrasting dark edges of faux suede look awe inspiring. For comparatively smaller dining rooms, ready-made pastel coloured curtains give a more sophisticated look. These ready-made curtains are impressively affordable as well.

To provide your dining room with a fresh feel, you can choose between modern looking floral curtains or curtains with traditional designs. If you have large windows facing a sea or a bay, then curtains with a pale background and colourfull flowers can give a great effect to the room.

Curb Appeal in your home

April 23, 2010

Does your home have curb appeal? Is it esthetically pleasing or does it go unnoticed? Here are a few tips to improve the look of your home. If you have a small front yard with grass consider removing all the grass and add a garden with stepping stones, natural rocks and low maintenance shrubs and plants.

Grass is time consuming to maintain and requires frequent watering to keep it looking at its best. A garden, in my opinion, is the best solution if you live in the city with a small yard. A look I have seen growing more and more popular is a rock garden where all the soil is covered by river rocks and there are only a handful of plants. This look reminds me of Japanese gardens and often has a Zen like feel to it but this is also a great solution for yards that have difficult growing conditions or roots from a very large tree that make it difficult for planting.

For a standard garden choose one ornamental tree or shrub as your main focal point of interest. Japanese Maples are great as a focal point of interest. Japanese Maples come in many varieties – for smaller yards the cascading Cutleaf varieties are beautiful and for larger yards there are a number of taller Japanese Maple trees that are simply stunning. I would suggest placing your ornamental tree closer to the house rather than placing it in the middle of your yard. Remember to include evergreens such as low lying Junipers, Yews, Mugo pine, Nest Spruce etc, as they will provide winter interest. Dwarf Burning Bushes, Corkscrew Witch Hazels and Dogwoods provide winter interest as well. Plant annuals and bulbs in bare areas to add a pop of colour.

Accessorize your porch by adding one large potted urn by your front door or by the front stairs which instantly updates the entranceway to your home as well as adding additional colour. Update the plants in your urn each season to keep it looking fresh and interesting. Hanging baskets off the porch ceiling are perfect for injecting additional colour to your yard as well.

A seating area on your front porch makes your home inviting and welcoming.  If furniture is not in your budget buy a Loveseat or chairs from your local yard sale and spray paint them. Update old chairs with new seat cushions. Consider adding an outdoor rug as well.  I have been very impressed with the selection of outdoors rugs available as of late and at very reasonable prices. Include accessories such as a beautiful iron door mat, outdoor lanterns, decorative plant hooks, landscape lighting, a stylized address plate, a beautiful mailbox and consider updating your front door with new hardware or perhaps paint your front door altogether. Red doors are a popular choice and can be very dramatic but red doesn’t work for everyone. Deep slate grey can be dramatic as well and works well in many settings but you really need to assess the colours of your house and make sure your door colour will compliment your house.

Keep your recycling bins in the side or back yard if you can rather than storing them on your porch or in front of your house. I find they can be distracting and visually unappealing. If you have no where else to store your bins there are storage units available in hardware stores which are specifically designed to conceal recycling and garbage bins. Keeping your porch area clean, tidy and inviting will enhance the curb appeal of your home.

One last very important suggestion is to keep your windows clean. Clean windows can have such a positive impact in your home. Not only does your home look fresh and revitalized, but clean windows will allow the sunlight to enter your home easier thus aiding in heating your home naturally.