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Common Mistakes in Decorating Children’s Rooms

May 7, 2010

We should consider so many important factors in decorating a child’s room. We should consider safety and ecology friendly concerns. We should think ahead and choose the best mattress for child’s tender spine. With regards to the bed, chair, cupboard and table we should give preference to strong and child friendly furniture for kiddies’ rooms. So each and every piece of new furniture should undergo our test whether it is strong enough and child friendly.

We should remember that a child’s room is not a place just for resting, but also for games and activities,  we should foresee so many factors. For example, walls, kids might draw pictures on it. So walls should be easily washable. Some parents prefer wall papered, reasoning that they are more economical and ecological.

Other parents prefer glossy paper walls, since they are stronger, and can be washed and even painted several times. There are so many variations, each family should choose according to their own taste. As long as the colours are eye friendly for a little person.

It has been scientifically proven that the children develop better if the walls are in pastel colours. It is even influencing the health of the children they get sick less often, are less stressful and more productive with their homework. While bright colours and large figures, on the contrary, will bring tiredness and neuroses. Since a child’s room is a private space of your little ones where they should rest from the emotions of the day, the colours of the walls in children’s rooms should NOT be too bright.

If pastel tones seem to you too dull and not attractive, then you can choose good accessories, such as teddy bears, colourful lamps, hanging elements or paintings. But it is not recommended to decorate walls with creatures from cartoons or movies, especially modern ones, because it might influence negatively on the child’s psyche. Much better and healthy for the body and for the mind to choose images of nature: for example, fruits bright, natural multicolours, they will perfectly bring a huge difference into children’s world.

Moreover, fruits can introduce a child to the alphabet and healthy food. Each fruit can contain a smiling face. A very interesting idea that has been shared with me is how to make a child good friends with fruits from the very tender age. Very easy and creative,  with the help of magical and healthy fairtytales. It should be narrated to the little one on a daily basis. Preferably it should be an individual story on each fruit that is a part of the room’s decoration. The fairytale should, in an easy and entertaining form, explain to the child about the fruit’s life story and health benefits. The main aim of this methodology is to introduce little ones to the world of nature and to develop in children the love for healthy food. Besides, the child will feel very comfortable in his room, being amongst good friends ruits, as these stories will live in his imagination for years.

When choosing the furniture, parents generally are divided into two groups. The first group declares that independence is above all. They are prepared to change almost all items of furniture every second year.

The second group of parents prefer long-term things. Everything – be it furniture or clothing need to be chosen for several years. ,For example, longer sleeves and trousers pipes are normally bought up oversize and rolled up. Always having an excuse that today everything is too expensive and child can wear the same shoes 2-3 years if they put in it extra pair of thick socks.

Anyway, again, it depends on an individual’s preference and choice but a professionals would recommend a golden middle road. Bed and chair – these are the two main items that should really be changed relevant to the child’s growth. A tiny tot requires a small cozy bed,a bigger child would prefer a bed with many shelves where he or she could store toys and accessories. The teenager needs a good bed suitable for an grown-up, relevant to his new ‘adult’ status at school, college or home. The chair should be chosen just as carefully, preferably according to the child’s taste. If a child’s elbows are at table-height, then you can be sure that this chair is appropriate for him.

A bookshelf is a essential part of a child’s room and should be very functional. When a child is still small, the bookshelves can be used for his clothing, later it will be an ideal place for keeping his toys, then books. There will never be enough books as long as they are beneficial for child’s mind and heart. We should always be very careful in choosing the right literature for your little treasure.

Let your little one to have the world of good books full of knowledge, kindness, good morals, the world of fairytales and wise stories, that are being narrated by loving parents. Even the most advanced and exclusive interior without kind words can be replaced by the loving atmosphere created by caring and affectionate parents.


Decorating Your Modern living room furniture

April 24, 2010

Everybody in this world wants to make his house the most beautiful and most comfortable place to live in. Well, a beautiful house can not be complete without exclusive furniture. So you need to think about decorating your house with modern furniture. It is always the living room that plays a major impact on the minds of visitors and guests, so your living room needs to look most attractive and appealing. Along with its exquisiteness, your living room should be strong and capable to withstand stress as it is a place where your family, friends, pets and guests etc. spend most of their time. Thus, your living room furniture needs to be user-friendly as well as stylish and classy. With a perfect arrangement of contemporary living room furniture and spacious seating style, you can make your living room energetic and lively. A comfortable sofa set is a must for your living room and you can pick one that is trendiest and comfortable enough to accommodate five or more people. You will find a huge variety of designs and patterns to choose from. The latest and modern sofa sets available for your living room is the major part of your contemporary living room furniture.

Sofas are meant for comforting oneself peacefully during the leisure hours of your day as well as it serves a major purpose of seating while watching TV, reading newspaper, listening music, spending time with family and friends and sharing those precious moments with your family, thus your sofa should have that capability to make you feel comfortable as well as be stylish as it reveals your lifestyle and choice. Your sofas shouldn’t be very soft as it is difficult for some people to get up or lean forward while conversation. Bean bags are widely accepted as modern living room furniture and blend wells with your other contemporary living room furniture. These bags give a trendy look to your living room. While you shop for your latest living room furniture, you will be amazed to see the huge and latest collection of living room furniture offered in various designs and patterns. The most popular items that can be kept for your living room include couches, coffee tables, arm chairs, loungers, piano, entertainment centers and other home décor pieces that add elegance to your living room.

You can also opt for lamps that can be kept on side tables or hung from the ceiling, this gives a cozy and warm touch to your living room. You will get a huge range in lamps too. Contemporary furniture is usually made of leather with a combination of designer fabrics. Metal frames and wood ensures durability to your collection. Sleek shapes and trendy designs with vivid colors are features of modern living room furniture. These attractive pieces are available in variety of wood, sculpted decors and stained glass engraves. From the huge options available for living room cabinets in terms of shape, size and finish you can choose one that complements your furniture. Stools of various designs, colors and finishes add elegance to your living room too! Finally your choice for modern living room furniture will depend on the size of your living room though personal inclination is similarly important. However it all depends on you how you make the arrangement of mix-n-match collection to give that classy look to your modern living room.

Do You Know How Maintain Rattan Garden Furniture?

April 24, 2010

An investment in rattan furniture is indeed a big deal. This variety of furniture is top of the range highend garden decor that is relatively prier than the ordinary garden furniture. These are luxury pieces of furniture that are generally accommodative of all weather variations, are durable, and will provide the overall outlook of your home with a luxurious and stylish feel.

Rattan garden furniture is generally durable but may as well need maintenance to keep them in perfect condition for as long as a decade. One way to maintain your furniture is to protect it from moisture, as it will develop molds that could cause blemish. If you can afford a small conservatory, then you can place the furniture in there over the cold and wet seasons. You may as well as well dry off the moisture often over the dry cold season.

Cleaning your rattan furniture only when it is necessary will keep the cushion fabric from wear and tear. It is also important to change the fabric frequently if you live in a hot and humid environment because the heat could discolor the fabric thus leaving your furniture with an unpleasant appearance. When wiping of the rattan itself use a soft cloth that has been damped with polish and not water and soap. Water and soap will certainly fade out the lustrous appearance of the furniture while the polish will enhance the appearance it is advisable to use the same oil or polish for cleaning your furniture to avoid the ugly steaks that may result from using different cleansers.

To protect you rattan garden furniture from spills and stains it is advisable to use coasters and pads to dry off the spill. Using this method as opposed to rubbing it off will ensure that the stain does not stick in the furniture; this will also keep you from cleaning the fabric too frequently. However, if you do clean the fabric follow the laundry instructions to avoid shrinkage and discoloration.

Maintaining rattan furniture from abrasion will require that you keep the pets away from the furniture as they may scratch of the coating or topple over any fragile components of the garden furniture. Ensure that you use a natural bristle brush because it is soft enough to keep the rattan from damage and flexible enough to reach the hidden parts of the furniture. In an effort to avoid damage to furniture, see that those around the furniture sit on the cushions and not on the arms or any other structure.

Use modern living room furniture

April 23, 2010

In your home, the first place that one notices is your living room. Mostly, your guests are the ones to who look at your living room and guess your lifestyle and your personality.

The collection of modern living room furniture reflects your taste and choice thereby creating an everlasting impression on the minds of your guests. You need to devote some time to give the true reflection of your elegant personal. You really need to think hard and choose the best and modern living room furniture to enhance your personality. You secretly impress your guests by arranging latest and modern living room furniture in your living room in a perfect way. It is quite simple to choose modern living room furniture as there are various furniture stores exclusively meant for modern collection of living room furniture. It depends on a person’s unique choice and creativity to select modern living room furniture. But if you want elegance in your living room, you need to give some time and effort to know the latest trend in the market and then purchase what suits your style and budget. Now that you want modern living room furniture, you will of course choose some wooden stuff or lavish leather collection.

Actually the modern look is emphasized by use of elegant wooden furniture or rich leather furniture. A leather sofa set adds modernity to any living room. Sofa set is the center of attraction in living rooms, so it needs to be exclusive and sophisticated. You will find a variety of colors available in sofa sets like black, brown, deep colors of red etc. Black and brown sofa sets are often chosen by most of the homemakers as it reflects sophistication that blends with general look of your home. You can also choose brighter shades like green, yellow or red if you have designer collection in brighter shades. To add style and grace you can choose red, black or brown recliners made of leather that adds luxuriousness to your living room. Now take care of the arrangement to give a perfect modern look to your living room. The largest sofa among the five, i.e the three seater sofa should be positioned along the wall which is longest. If you have a lavish living room you can place your modern living room so that you have free passage for entry and exit. You can arrange the other two pieces of your modern sofa set by placing it on either side or one side of the main sofa, whatever is comfortable to you. You can further use a center table to make you feel comfortable while you are watching TV in your living room. Use this center table for refreshments like coffee or some snacks to freshen you up after the days work. Center tables with glass top look most elegant and you get a wide variety to choose from. Your latest collection includes glass-top center table with chrome plated frames. This will definitely speak volumes of modernity in your lifestyle. The stand-alone leather recliner can occupy the corner of your living room, children love to relax on recliners as it is more comfortable as compared to any other side seater. No doubt, you will have to spend a good amount while purchasing modern living room furniture, but if you want something good you need to spend lavishly. You will definitely have an exceptionally modern living room that will please your guests and family. Be a proud host and invite your guests confidently as you know your modern living room has all that you expected.

Carpets for Baby Rooms

April 22, 2010

Nowadays people are using carpets everywhere in the house. For newly born babies people decorate a new room with all kinds of accessories and furniture as well. They buy new beds, toys, carpets and many other things for the special room. They want to welcome their baby in the best possible way. Carpets can be used to give the baby rooms a cool and unique touch as well. You would have to select a certain kind of carpet for this purpose.

Carpets are available in many cartoon shapes in the market. Some have cartoon and designs, which are suitable for baby rooms only. These kind of carpets can be available in all baby shops and also big carpet shops as well. You must give the baby room a lively touch so a darker color carpet with big cartoon designs on them would be perfect. You can put a number of toys on them as well. These carpets would help to decorate your baby’s room perfectly.

Most people love carpets with pictures of Mickey and Minnie mouse on them. These two kinds of carpets are available in huge numbers. Do not go for a simple kind of carpet for the baby rooms. Simpler and ordinary carpets would not go with the décor in a baby room. These kinds of carpets are only suitable for adult’s room and living lounges.

Carpets for baby rooms can be quite expensive. If you do not want to cover the entire room, you can go for a small piece of carpet. Cartoons are also made on small pieces of carpets. These pieces would also look beautiful in the rooms. Choose the one that you like.

Decorating Your Teen’s Room

April 21, 2010

If your teenager’s room has not been decorated since they were a little kid, then it may be time to redecorate.   Not only is it a great way to update the room, it is also a great bonding experience with your teen. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The first thing you want to do when decorating a teenagers room is find out there likes and dislikes. Some things you want to find out are their favorite colors, style, and hobbies. All of these elements can help you come up with a design scheme. You should create a style that keeps your teen positive and stimulated. If you want a style that represents peace and brings a calm vibe, use light colors. Eggshell, white, or a matte ivory are a great color palette to start with. To finish off the look, hang artwork on the walls.

The furniture should be comfortable. For example, a soft down cushion couch, is not only trendy, it can become your teens favorite reading spot. Another great piece would be an animal print trunk at the foot of the bed. This can double as storage for shoes, bedding, DVD’s, or anything that your teenager usually leaves thrown around in his or her room.  A popular design among teenagers is animal prints. You can mix animal prints designs such as tiger stripes and leopard spots. For more animal inspiration, you can add a monkey lamp, a lion poster on the wall, or an elephant stool that can double as extra seating.

Another popular decorating design is the European style. This is a glamorous style that involves accent pieces. Your main colors are black, white, and gold with jewel tone accents. When going for the European look, use black or cream painted dressers with gold accents such as table lamps or wall sconces. Some nice fabrics would include silks, satins, and brocades. This can be implemented with silk drapes, comfortable satin sheets and brocade bedding. Use all of these elements to help you transform your teen’s room.

Sliding Doors For Versatility And Style

April 21, 2010

Sliding doors are both attractive and useful. They are used for patios, as alternatives to conventional hinged doors, as room dividers, and for wardrobes. A bedroom can be given a whole new makeover with some new sliding doors and a few other touches.

We at Wickes DIY sell a range of sliding doors. They are mainly used for bedrooms, but can be used in bathrooms as well. They include white panel, wood grain and mirrored doors. Realising that some people like a more subtle effect than full-length mirrored doors, some manufacturers, including us at Wickes DIY, supply mirror doors with opaque panelled inserts. These look stunning in an oriental themed room.

Sliding patio doors are an alternative to French and folding patio doors. Their popularity has waned of late, but they are easy to fit and safe, thanks to modern toughened glass and new building regulations. However, if you have children or pets constantly racing in and out of the garden, it’s best to fit folding doors, which have a more obvious presence.

Patio sliding doors are fixed on one side, which may be left or right. The other door then slides across on a metal trackway. They are supplied with a special frame, generally made of aluminium or uPVC.  Interior sliding doors, i.e. those for wardrobes, can be slid from either direction. They may comprise one, two or more panels, and are supplied complete with matching frames. The tracks are normally purchased separately.

A few years ago, sliding door mechanisms were of poor design. They were noisy and sticky, and the doors used to jump off the tracks. However, the mechanisms have improved enormously. Today’s doors normally have a locking mechanism to hold the door open at the point you choose. They are made of high quality materials, and glide easily along their tracks. In fact, we at Wickes DIY are so confident of the quality of our door mechanisms, they are supplied with a 10 year guarantee.

Before ordering sliding wardrobe doors, you must think very carefully about the design layout of your room. If your bedroom is small, mirrored doors will make it appear larger, and those we supply at Wickes DIY are shatterproof for safety. However, you may wish to rethink if you have young children – all those dirty finger marks can get quite tiresome after a while!

To achieve a more subtle mirrored effect, you can buy geometrically patterned mirror doors with contrasting frosted or etched-effect and clear mirror glass. Alternatively, you can insert a full-length mirror door between two wood-grain effect doors. Wood grain doors are easy to clean, and look luxurious, especially if matched to designer door furniture.

Measuring for sliding doors is easy. Simply measure the height and width of the doorway then refer to the manufacturer’s guide to see what length of track and door size you require. Standard sliding doors are 89″ tall, so if your opening is higher than this you’ll need height reducers.
Fitting sliding doors is a straight forward job. With our clear instruction leaflets and knowledgeable staff, we at Wickes DIY make it even easier.

Space Saving Furniture For The Bathroom

April 20, 2010

How functional is your bathroom? Obviously, if your bathroom is particularly small you may not have a choice in making any alterations, but bathroom furniture aside, is there anything you can do to make your bathroom work better for you? Assuming you are preparing your bathroom layout from scratch, do you really want to use as much as 100 square foot on installing a typically-sized master bath? Just think about the amount of water needed to fill a bath that size! Basically, the standard bathroom covers a square footage of between 35 and 80 square feet. This is not very big and, in those homes that only have space for that one bathroom, it can become a logistical headache when guests come to stay.

If your bathroom is small you need to create the illusion of a larger room by installing lots of mirrors and lots of glass items which, in a bathroom works really well. Most tiles reflect the light of them and, coupled with lots of lights, the brightly lit bathroom will look much bigger than it is in reality. Fit spot lights for a contemporary look that can easily give your bathroom a cozy appearance. Another tip for creating the illusion of space is the use of see-through containers for storage. You can buy transparent containers with colors that match your bathroom’s decor and which can be stacked in a corner, giving easy access to additional toiletries and toilet rolls without having any of them in full view.

Many of these particularly small bathrooms also have a toilet incorporated into their design, often stuck away in a corner of the bathroom, but still accounting for some of the layout. While most new properties are now building bathrooms with toilets separate from them, if your layout can’t be changed you can always choose a smaller sized toilet, or one with a round bowl rather than the traditional oval bowl. Another option is to purchase a toilet that can be fitted into the corner, with a tri-corner low-level cistern. This is an excellent space saving option. Where space is at a premium you also need to decide whether you do need both bath and shower, or whether you can use a shower set above the bath. Another option, if you’re not too bothered about retaining the bath, is to remove the bath entirely and just have a shower cubicle.

Bathroom furniture is not just about toilets or baths but includes vanity units and other wall-mounted cabinets. The manufacturer, Roper Rhodes, produce a range of wall-hung vanity units that fall into the category of space saving furniture for the bathroom. One of my favorite models is the Luxe which is an oval, glistening white unit that measures 620mm W x 470mm D x 600mm H. The design of this unit also includes the hand basin as well, although the cost of the basin is in addition to the cost of the unit. There is also the option to purchase another wall-mounted option that includes a white drawer unit, also in high-gloss white. Roca is another manufacturer who produces space saving furniture for the bathroom. Their Giralda corner unit and corner basin is a particularly good space saving idea that can be fitted into a little-used corner, probably fulfilling everything you would need for storage solutions in a smaller than average bathroom.

Decorate Your Work Place With Excellent Quality Furniture

April 15, 2010

Today it is very easy to avail office furniture. You only need to do a proper research before finding excellent quality furniture for your office.  There are numerous websites that can help you in this regard. These websites proffer an array of such components so as make employees feel comfortable and to make your office look attractive.

Today Internet has become the most preferable method for availing such components.  You can easily search for these components online without facing any kind of troubles. Moreover, you can also avail a a number of deals.

When it comes to office furniture, it is important to choose the pertinent and convenient one. This is because of the fact that this furniture plays an increasingly important role of presenting the image of an organization.  We all know that clients keep on visiting any office from time to time. In that case, it becomes important to use attractive as well as suitable office furniture as it helps in forming a positive impression of that company in front of the clients. Excellent quality furniture helps in enticing various clients, partners as well as employees. So, it is important to make a proper selection.

There are large numbers of dealers which offer you appropriate office furniture solutions and that too without hampering the quality of furniture. These dealers can easily help you to find out an excellent quality office chairs, desks, reception counters and many other. In addition to this, these service providers assist in space planning, office relocation as well as furniture installation.

Always make sure that you are buying Office Furniture made up of good quality materials. If it is not of good quality, it’s of no use.