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Making Style Comes Naturally With Slate Tiles

May 7, 2010

Tiling part of your home is where you spend the most and always give a serious thought while selection of tiles. Certainly, it becomes a matter of disquiet when you do not find a right tile for your home. But, as long as there is a Slate tile you can definitely decorate your home with comfort. It is a natural gift found deep under the earth crust. It is modified and then comes in showrooms with pride of elegance. They are strong and have long life, usually do not get affected due to weathering. Means, temperature has a minor or all most no effect on the slate surface.

They are frequently used by builders for flooring, roofing, counter top and other applications. There is infinite range of colors in Slate tile to shield every corner of your house according to your own style. It set itself apart when it comes to tile kitchen area. They are heat impervious, enabling slate walls to bear maximum heat produced through burners and other heating instruments. You will prefer slate for kitchen counter tops for the very same reason. After all, kitchen has to be safe. Slip-resistance is Slate’s another feature that makes it an excellent option for bathroom entrance areas where dampness is expected or heavy traffic areas like public and commercial buildings. Moreover, it is very good temperature regulator, making it ideal for both winter and hot season.

When it comes to durability and low maintenance Slate tiles has its name in the international market. It is widely accepted tiles for several applications. Slate usually has dark color which means dirt is hardly visible. This reduces the labor of cleaning floor frequently. Periodical mopping and sweeping is enough to clean them. Although color shades that are available are dark yet there are many options you can find. Few of the liked shades that you can find in Slate tiles are grey, green, blue, black, red, orange or brown etc.

Basically, slate tile is found with vein of color running through the surface of tile. It is its natural look and thus no tile matches ever. If you login to concern websites you might come across variety of tile with different quality. Each of them promises to offer high quality but very often they cannot fulfill them. Many tile retailers offer cheap price and discounts but you must be very cautious as cheap tile do not always come with quality.


About Flooring For Schools – Why Carpet Tiles Are The Safer Choice

May 3, 2010

A hundred tiny people, running round, playing, learning and laughing schools are definitely a unique environment for interior designers and architects, and they present some unique requirements for School Principals and Facility Managers. Obviously one of the primary considerations in materials choice is safety,and nowhere is this more true than in schools.

1. Student Health : Despite a wealth of uninformed arguments that carpet ‘creates’ an allergen-laden environment, the truth is that the same amount of allergens is present in the air whether flooring is hard or carpeted. However, unlike hard flooring, dense-pile construction commercial carpet can actually trap allergens, reducing the amount of airborne dust and pollen, until they can be safely removed by vacuuming.

Ensure you choose flooring products with low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. The vaporized compounds can cause unpleasant odours, which can increase substantially in hot weather or under heated conditions. Many VOCs are irritants and can result in headaches, dizziness, difficulty in breathing and in rare instances can be toxic. They have a greater impact on developing bodies than on adults, so low VOC emissions should be an important factor in product choice for schools.

2. Flooring should contain antimicrobial protection
Those of us that have had children at home understand that while concepts such as spillage come naturally, hygiene is a concept that comes much later! Antimicrobial protection such as the patented Intersept® on leading carpet tile brands is especially important in a school environment. Antimicrobials prevent the development of moulds and fungi which can give off VOC gases that can contribute to “sick building syndrome”.

3. Flooring and colour psychology
The effect of colour on mood and the subconscious is an ongoing debate. Some studies show measurable differences in cognitive characteristics can be achieved through changes in environmental colour.  As a designer, though, the aim is always to create a space that will inspire and energize the people using that space. Where linoleum and wood flooring have little patterning, and broadloom carpets are typically quite repetitive in pattern, carpet tiles offer the greatest inspirational possibilities in schooling environments.
Carpet tiles also offer the greatest opportunity to calm and relax those within their space  a wide range of subdued colours and patterns that mimic those found in nature is available to create a rich study environment in places like libraries.

4. Student Safety
Hard flooring carries an inherently greater risk of slips and falls, especially with the propensity of children towards spilling things! The traction that carpet provides ensures that even when students are ignoring the directive ‘not to run in the halls’, they are still safe. Carpet tiles are impermeable to water, yet still provide traction when wet.

5. Flooring should be built to last
Along with higher quality products like carpet tiles, the cost of the materials is more likely to be backed by a warranty. Carpet tiles by their design are more durable, and many manufacturers offer long warranties. Modular flooring offers the opportunity to replace only the tiles in heavy traffic areas, or those that are stained or damaged, without replacing the entire floor. Some parts of your carpet will even outlast the students.

6. Is it sustainable?

Always a key concern in today’s architecture and design environment, sustainability is becoming not only a preference, but a client requirement. Carpet tiles can be sourced that are made from sustainable materials.. A GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) seal is a handy benchmark.

Remember Granite Tiles, Make Your Home Worthy And Unique

April 27, 2010

Available in a huge variety of colours, granite tiles are enclosed with exceptional elegance and stunning designs that can easily add the artistic vision to the area where they are placed. They are undoubtedly fashionable and have become the demand of many a young people.

Today, these tiles have also overtaken the flooring world in a big way. Its usage makes you confident about the decoration of your home and commercial buildings. It means once you have installed them, you can be rest assured that you would not have to go anywhere to invest in something that can be used in adorning the home and office floor. They have the ability to provide a natural feel to the area. These tiles can hold against extreme heat, hence, they have become popular these days in the market. Having an extremely brilliant look, these natural stones are also less expensive as compared to limestone, travertine and marble.

In the current scenario, purchasing granite tiles has become an investment that provides you with a long lasting benefit. These tiles can withstand water and heat. These are the other specialities that make it the first choice among the masses that run behind the beauty and excellence.

Granite Tiles have unmatched and unique properties so they are known today as the great pullers of customers worldwide. Innovative and imaginative inscription on granite tiles portray a very special appearance all over the area and when installed at right places, fetch really pleasing responses by the people who look at them. You can create a splendid and stately appeal by installing them at halls. You can install them in the home and build a lot of positive energy all rounds.

Most people prefer to use these tiles in flooring and counter tops because they provide a whole new appearance to the home giving an aesthetic charm. Before going to install these tiles, one of the most important things that need to take into consideration its maintenance since like the granite slab and granite tile countertops demand an extra care, hence you have to reseal once or twice a year to maintain its quality. An arbitrary solution to anatomies this matter is to use car wax, however, you should take advice of a tile expert beforehand, regarding to what should be applied. This material is in high demand these days because it is also resistant to heat and other forms of stress.

Before going to install granite tiles, you need to know about the positive and negative aspects of these tiles. Check out the area where you are going to place these tiles. The initial factors that need to take into account at the right moment are moisture level, slip resistance power and foot traffic. Well, you have a visit to your local retailer store and find there a tile expert and ask him about all the essential aspects regarding the installation of these tiles. It takes some time due to the heavy weight of these tiles. You can usually seen batch granite tiles in a bunch of colours. They are really attractive for the people who love creativity at their homes.

Top 4 Benefits Of Having A Stone Floor In Your Home

April 21, 2010

The natural beauty of stone is brought to life by polishing. When a mastercraftsman from a stone polishing company has done his job, granite comes alive with speckles of colourful light, sandstone reveals its creamy grain and marble is revealed in all its crystalline beauty. Whilst these are things of beauty in themselves, as a flooring choice they will match any colour scheme and blend beautifully in contemporary homes or grand homes with an historical past.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of installing a stone floor in your home.

1. Flexibility As we have already described above, stone flooring can be used in a variety of applications and with the colour choices available, they will match any decor plans you may have. The coolness of the stone floor can make a hot day tolerable even without air-conditioning. Similarly, by installing a heated floor, stone can retain the heat providing you with a cosy warmth on even the coldest of evenings.

2. Durability  Once the stone floor has been laid you can rest assured it will never have to be replaced during your lifetime! Any stone floor can withstand the rigours of everyday life with ease and even after many years of faithful service still retain a solid natural comfort. Of course, there is always the possibility that you may wish to spruce up your floor, and you can do just this with a quick polish.

3. Value for money,  Once installed, stone flooring adds value to any property and as the price of stone increases over the years, so the value of your house improves as well. Although the cost of installation may be higher than that of more traditional floor coverings, your investment will be repaid many times over.
4. Easy to clean,  A stone floor’s hard surface makes it a breeze to clean with a simple vacuum or sponging. Spillages are easily wiped up and if you have a stain resistant surface applied, you will have no more worries from spilt wine or milk! Another benefit is that you will avoid the harmful build-up of dust that can contribute to asthma and other allergic reactions within your family.

Stone like marble and granite have been the choice of sculptors for thousands of years. This is testimony to the natural beauty these stones bring to our culture, and now we have them available to us to enhance the beauty of our homes. Their unique patterns make every installation different and will inspire you to reflect their sophistication and beauty through your decor choices.

With a comparatively low-cost life cycle and their ability to make light of floor cleaning problems, choosing stone flooring makes more sense than ever.