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Making Style Comes Naturally With Slate Tiles

May 7, 2010

Tiling part of your home is where you spend the most and always give a serious thought while selection of tiles. Certainly, it becomes a matter of disquiet when you do not find a right tile for your home. But, as long as there is a Slate tile you can definitely decorate your home with comfort. It is a natural gift found deep under the earth crust. It is modified and then comes in showrooms with pride of elegance. They are strong and have long life, usually do not get affected due to weathering. Means, temperature has a minor or all most no effect on the slate surface.

They are frequently used by builders for flooring, roofing, counter top and other applications. There is infinite range of colors in Slate tile to shield every corner of your house according to your own style. It set itself apart when it comes to tile kitchen area. They are heat impervious, enabling slate walls to bear maximum heat produced through burners and other heating instruments. You will prefer slate for kitchen counter tops for the very same reason. After all, kitchen has to be safe. Slip-resistance is Slate’s another feature that makes it an excellent option for bathroom entrance areas where dampness is expected or heavy traffic areas like public and commercial buildings. Moreover, it is very good temperature regulator, making it ideal for both winter and hot season.

When it comes to durability and low maintenance Slate tiles has its name in the international market. It is widely accepted tiles for several applications. Slate usually has dark color which means dirt is hardly visible. This reduces the labor of cleaning floor frequently. Periodical mopping and sweeping is enough to clean them. Although color shades that are available are dark yet there are many options you can find. Few of the liked shades that you can find in Slate tiles are grey, green, blue, black, red, orange or brown etc.

Basically, slate tile is found with vein of color running through the surface of tile. It is its natural look and thus no tile matches ever. If you login to concern websites you might come across variety of tile with different quality. Each of them promises to offer high quality but very often they cannot fulfill them. Many tile retailers offer cheap price and discounts but you must be very cautious as cheap tile do not always come with quality.


Add Elegance To Your Kitchen Using Kitchen Area Rugs

April 21, 2010

Kitchen Area Rugs are a handy way to add elegance to your room as well as providing comfort to your feet or even hiding a worn spot. Whether it is a Country, Contemporary, or a host of other themes, there is a rug to fit any style of decor. Here are some areas that you can use your kitchen rugs.

Having carpet in the kitchen is awfully messy! But when kitchen floors are made of tiles and water spills, the floor instantaneously become slippery. The sink area is a popular choice on where to place kitchen area rugs. These rugs add comfort to your feet while adding to your decor. These rugs come in round or oval shaped and in various colors as well as sizes. A theme kitchen rug in the sink area will go very well with a theme kitchen. These rugs are essential because they prevent accident caused by wet, and or slippery floors. The good thing about rugs is that it is not necessarily big to cover the entire kitchen floor but only on portions near the stove, sink, freezer or refrigerator where spills are frequent and rugs can act immediately by absorbing the liquid.Kitchen area rugs harmonize your furniture, cabinets and tiles while working as a floor covering to the busy room of the house.

When buying kitchen area rugs, it is important to go with something that goes with your present home decor or furnishings or appliances. If for example, your current kitchen has a country theme; it would be a good idea to stick with that idea. This will even out and make the over-all.

Home Lighting For Elegance And Functionality

April 20, 2010

Have you ever felt your home lacked something? You’ve bought the stylish furniture, laid down cool carpets, got your walls the perfect colour but still you feel there’s something missing. If so, chances are the problem’s with your lights. Lighting plays a key role in the ambiance of our homes by setting mood and enhancing the furniture and decor, not to mention ensuring safety and efficiency in both work and play. Here’s your guide to getting your home lighting right.

The first thing to do is to determine what type of lighting you want for each room. You have three main types of lighting to consider for home lighting – ambient, task and accent. Ambient is the overall lighting that works in the same way as natural light to make our rooms functional. Task illumination allows you to carry out activities such as reading and cooking. Accent lights are set up to bring out the beauty of certainty objects or areas.

So where do you begin with home lighting? Firstly, you have to consider the big picture when looking to light a room. You should consider the amount and direction of natural illumination, the number of electrical outlets, as well as the placement of the furniture. Let’s look at each of the rooms in turn.

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s where you relax by watching TV or your home entertainment system, read, hold family gatherings and also entertain guests. So you really need lighting that promotes a relaxing atmosphere as well as making the room look its best.

One idea is to install recessed lights on the ceiling and up lights on the floor or walls to create a soft yet effective luminescence. Uplight beams that don’t reach the ceiling evoke an especially cosy mood. You can augment this with extra table or floor lamps for such tasks as reading or sewing and add a tracklight to provide versatile accent lighting for the special items or zones you wish to highlight. Fixing sconces at strategic spots such as around the fireplace adds a nice decorative touch. Compared to the single, harsh ceiling light that many homes have in their living rooms, this setup will be a revelation. You can also make good use of dimmers to adjust illumination when watching films, for example.

For the dining room, you’ll want a relaxing light yet strong enough to eat comfortably. One nice choice is to use dimmable chandeliers. You can adjust the lighting down for a romantic dinner or make it brighter for when you have guests, for example.

As for the kitchen, fluorescent lighting is traditional as it provides the strong light you need for such tasks as food preparation and cooking. However, modern homes are now employing more sophisticated lighting setups that both provide the bright light needed to cook and are also stylish and relaxing. The idea is to focus the illumination on the workspaces while leaving other areas bathed in a more relaxing ambient light. This can be done through the use of spotlights and tracklights as well as having pendant lights hanging over the food preparation area.

Bathroom lighting is more about lighting you than the room. This means choosing incandescent rather than fluorescent bulbs as the latter tend to give people a greenish tinge. A strip above the mirror can provide ambient light and wall lights can add a nice touch along with indirect cove lighting. Vanity lighting on each side of the mirror can also create a nice illumination for making yourself look good. One trend in modern bathrooms is to install floodlights in the shower stall.

Finally, we’ll look at lighting in the bedroom. Here you’ll want a relaxing atmosphere coupled with proper task lighting for reading. The overall illumination in a bedroom can come from floor lamps in the corners and ceiling mounted floodlights. If your bedroom has a sitting area, then you could put reading lamps next to the chairs. Should you prefer to read in bed, then swing lamps are perfect as they allow you to focus the light on the book and not disturb your partner.

When it comes to lighting your home, you should never forget the safety factor. For one thing, you need to make sure your hallways and stairways are always properly lit. Also bad lighting can result in eyestrain and headaches.

You can find complete details of home lighting at the web sites of online vendors. You can choose what suits your home and then get ready to transform your home. And by buying your lighting wholesale, you can get the best deals.