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Home Security Lights

April 30, 2010

Unfortunately, in this day and age, you can never be too careful when it comes to home security and the safety of your family. The world isn’t what it used to be, and with these changes we have to make changes and adjustments ourselves. Many families have opted to install a home alarm system
in order to feel more secure. Choosing a home security system can be overwhelming. You have to pick the company, the features, the coverage, and the equipment. It can be a lot of information, but it is important to read up on the options out there, so you can make an informed decision about what your best option is. One of the more popular pieces of home security equipment is home security lights. This article will give you the facts about security lights so you can decide if this type of equipment might be right for you.

What? Home security lights are outdoor lights that are used at night to illuminate your home. There are many different kinds of security lights. Different kinds offer different types of bulbs. Some are equipped with halogen bulbs, while others use LED light. Some are wired into your home, and others also offer solar powered functioning. They can also vary in terms of brightness and size. Security lights almost seem like they are too simple of a security concept. It’s just a light, after all. But if you think like an intruder, the last thing you want when you are going somewhere you shouldn’t be going is a giant, bright light shining down on you and identifying you to the entire neighborhood.

Where? Security lights are generally used outdoors. They can be placed anywhere the resident chooses. Some of the most popular locations are front and back doors, and garages. It depends on your need. If you have a tool shed or a guest house in your backyard, this might be the perfect place for a security light.

When? Most security lights are equipped with motion detectors that cause the light to go on when any movement is detected. This is ideal if the security lights that you have chosen are particularly bright. You want to be safe, but you also don’t want to have an eye sore in your neighborhood. Motion detectors can also help with the electricity bill since you won’t have to pay to have the porch light on 10 hours a day. Although motion sensors are quite popular, there are people who opt to have their security lights on all the time. This is also an option, if you so choose.

Who? Security lights don’t discriminate, so whether you’re a neighbor out for a late night stroll, a teenager coming home from a night out with friends, or an intruder with bad intentions, if you trip up the motion detectors the security lights are going to come on.

Home security lights can be a great supplement to a home security system, but if you really want to feel secure, security lights should be just one feature in your system.