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A Safety Tips For Pet Owners

April 27, 2010

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep your home safe and secure. Especially if you have small children in the house, you must take extra home security precautions and measures. While most people are careful to keep their children out of harm’s way, some forget the importance of keeping pets safe. If you have pets in your home, you must take certain steps to make sure your home is not a hazardous place for them. While pet proofing is not nearly as involved as child proofing, it is still incredibly important. Your pets are apart of your family and they rely on you to keep them safe. The average household contains countless hazards that can harm your pets, so take the time to make your environment safe for them, Here are some tips for making sure your home is safe and hospitable for your pets.

-Make sure you cover all chords and electrical outlets in your home. Most electrical stores sell outlet covers that are intended to protect children, but these are perfectly sufficient for protecting your pets as well. Animals like to chew at anything they can, including electrical outlets that are extremely hazardous to them, so don’t’ forget to take this important pet-proofing step. Also be sure to hide all chords, because these are a tempting target for your pets to chew are also very dangerous.

1. Place any small objects : toys or potential choking hazards out of your pet’s reach. Dogs and cats especially love to pick up objects that they find around the house, but many of these present a serious safety concern. Keep your floors clear and check for objects that are on shelves or surfaces that your pet can access. If you want to give your pet toys to play with, make sure they are pet friendly. Stuffed animals are a safe bet and they enjoy playing with these very much.

2. Do not keep poisonous plants in the house : Many people are not aware of it, but common household plants can be extremely harmful to pets if they are ingested. A notable plant that is dangerous to your pets is poinsettia, commonly seen in homes around the holidays. Other poisonous plants include Rhododendron, Daffodils, Geraniums and German Ivy. It is a common problem that pets consume these plants and become very ill or even die, so be sure to keep them out of your home.

3. Even if you have pets in your home : you can and should still have a reliable home alarm system. Many people do not invest in a system because they are afraid that their pets will set it off, but this is not necessarily the case. Older systems with sensor technology were often not able to detect the difference between an animal and a burglar, causing a lot of unnecessary false alarms. Newer systems are able to make this distinction, and so it is important to research systems before moving forward with an installation. It is in the best interest of your entire family to keep your home equipped with a home alarm, so do not let the presence of your pets prevent you from setting up a system. Keeping your home protected by a system is part of keeping your pets safe, so do not over look this.