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Brick & Stone

May 7, 2010

Brick and one of the most durable siding material. It must be a drawing, do not rot, or fade, and wonderful weather. They also provide excellent insulation for your home. Bricks come in many sizes and textures, and colors, and can be placed in many types.  And usually applied to the wall of brick siding wood framed building on the paper. And held in place with the brick mortar, and a mixture of cement, sand and lime, and water.

Mortar that holds bricks together can be completed, or “decorated” in a number of different ways, including concave, flush with the brick, extruded between the bricks, and achieved, or joining the fifth.  Solid mortar and joints properly decorated is the key to keeping your house weathertight. While brick and mortar and steel, and durable material, it is also easy to penetrate. If you live in a very rainy climate, you may want to consider regulary application of paint and a clear water repellent to keep the brick, especially if you get several periods of freezing and thawing during the winter.

Sometimes it seems a wall of stone or brick on the house may actually be concrete, light weight and the crust made of stone. Poured into a mixture of Portland cement, natural aggregates and iron oxide pigments in molds made from real stones. The result is, of fire lasting, solid material that looks very realistic and incredibly well.

Veneers come in the plate and wide range of colors and styles, in individual units or panelized, 1 / 2 inches to 4 inches thick. Such as a solid block, is applied to the wood framing. And also a solid like a brick, they can last the life of your home, with the annual irrigation over mainentance.  Must be installed by professional Mason, and prices can vary extensively by region, and the national average of about 8 dollars per square foot. Retail price per square foot for the material works anywhere from about 2.25 dollars to 4 dollars per square foot.