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About Flooring For Schools – Why Carpet Tiles Are The Safer Choice

May 3, 2010

A hundred tiny people, running round, playing, learning and laughing schools are definitely a unique environment for interior designers and architects, and they present some unique requirements for School Principals and Facility Managers. Obviously one of the primary considerations in materials choice is safety,and nowhere is this more true than in schools.

1. Student Health : Despite a wealth of uninformed arguments that carpet ‘creates’ an allergen-laden environment, the truth is that the same amount of allergens is present in the air whether flooring is hard or carpeted. However, unlike hard flooring, dense-pile construction commercial carpet can actually trap allergens, reducing the amount of airborne dust and pollen, until they can be safely removed by vacuuming.

Ensure you choose flooring products with low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. The vaporized compounds can cause unpleasant odours, which can increase substantially in hot weather or under heated conditions. Many VOCs are irritants and can result in headaches, dizziness, difficulty in breathing and in rare instances can be toxic. They have a greater impact on developing bodies than on adults, so low VOC emissions should be an important factor in product choice for schools.

2. Flooring should contain antimicrobial protection
Those of us that have had children at home understand that while concepts such as spillage come naturally, hygiene is a concept that comes much later! Antimicrobial protection such as the patented Intersept® on leading carpet tile brands is especially important in a school environment. Antimicrobials prevent the development of moulds and fungi which can give off VOC gases that can contribute to “sick building syndrome”.

3. Flooring and colour psychology
The effect of colour on mood and the subconscious is an ongoing debate. Some studies show measurable differences in cognitive characteristics can be achieved through changes in environmental colour.  As a designer, though, the aim is always to create a space that will inspire and energize the people using that space. Where linoleum and wood flooring have little patterning, and broadloom carpets are typically quite repetitive in pattern, carpet tiles offer the greatest inspirational possibilities in schooling environments.
Carpet tiles also offer the greatest opportunity to calm and relax those within their space  a wide range of subdued colours and patterns that mimic those found in nature is available to create a rich study environment in places like libraries.

4. Student Safety
Hard flooring carries an inherently greater risk of slips and falls, especially with the propensity of children towards spilling things! The traction that carpet provides ensures that even when students are ignoring the directive ‘not to run in the halls’, they are still safe. Carpet tiles are impermeable to water, yet still provide traction when wet.

5. Flooring should be built to last
Along with higher quality products like carpet tiles, the cost of the materials is more likely to be backed by a warranty. Carpet tiles by their design are more durable, and many manufacturers offer long warranties. Modular flooring offers the opportunity to replace only the tiles in heavy traffic areas, or those that are stained or damaged, without replacing the entire floor. Some parts of your carpet will even outlast the students.

6. Is it sustainable?

Always a key concern in today’s architecture and design environment, sustainability is becoming not only a preference, but a client requirement. Carpet tiles can be sourced that are made from sustainable materials.. A GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) seal is a handy benchmark.


Digital Scale

April 30, 2010

In a world full of all sorts of modern advances, it is no surprise that digital scales have taken over the traditional analog scale. There are a lot of mixed opinions about digital and analog scales, especially when it comes to your average bathroom scale, some people will strongly agree that digital scales are better, while others will strongly disagree. So what makes a digital scale better than an analog scale, if anything? There are quite a few advantages associated with digital scales but there are also a few disadvantages that have come up with some people.

One of the main reasons why people prefer digital scales over analog scales is the simple fact that digital scales are significantly easier to read. Most analog scales are difficult to read due to the tiny measurements that you have to read and then try to figure out which tiny measurement the arm is at, and finally comprehend how much you weigh. Digital scales make everything easier by calculating how much you weigh and then presenting it to you on a usually large display. If your vision is not that great and an analog scale is pretty much impossible to read, then a digital scale is probably the better option.

Digital scales also feature more options than a traditional analog scale. Analog scales usually just tell you how much you weigh and that is it. A lot of the digital scales currently on the market today will tell you how much you weigh and then some. Most digital scales will tell you the percentage of body fat you have, while some others will even tell you what percentage of your body is water. Digital scales can also be set up to cater exactly to your specific person, meaning that you can enter your height and the scale will give you your BMI (Body Mass Index) based on your height and weight.

There are a few downsides to digital scales, probably the most common being inaccurate readings. A lot of people have complained that they get on the scale at one point and get a reading and then get back on ten seconds later and get a completely different reading. Typically, digital scales are better if just one person uses it because the spring can become worn down after constant use. Another downside to digital scales is that they naturally run on batteries, meaning that eventually the batteries will die and need replacing. Analog scales do not require any batteries, they can run forever or until they break. Analog scales are also notorious for giving more accurate readings.

It is all a matter of opinion as to whether a digital scale or an analog scale is better. A digital scale is entirely more convenient at times, but can also prove to be a burden at times as well. Digital scales can be inaccurate a lot, need calibration a lot and will need a change of batteries eventually, but they are more convenient and do offer more options, a larger display and stylish designs. Analog scales are always a good standby because they are usually pretty accurate and do not need a change of batteries because they do not run on batteries. So you can weigh out the options and determine which type of scale is right for you and your needs.

Different Utilization For Pressure Washers

April 30, 2010

Correctly cleaning a garage floor and bringing it to its former condition can be incredibly complicated.  Traditionally you would have to have highly severe products, and an acid scrubby brush.  Regardless, do not expect the driveway to a point where it’s wholly spot free.  Without a doubt, you might find a way to bleach the unsightly stains, but the truth is will not ever find a way to entirely get rid of them.

For anybody who is a, you could possibly have been asked by a client previously to thoroughly clean their driveway.  Just be frank with them, you never want an irritated buyer requesting you to tear up the drive way because the spills wouldn’t come out completely.

The easiest method to wash concrete is to make use of a pressure washer.  Specifically, have a look at pressure washers that heat the water to very high temperatures.  With a pressure washer that heats up water to as high as 212 degrees, you are going to have the ability to remove the oil and all other things much more effortlessly than you would usually manage to.

Be careful to be sure that you’ve got a washer with a good lengthy pressure washer hose.  You don’t actually want to be moving the washer all over the place whenever you’re utilizing it, and at very hot temps, you really don’t need to chance the burns that you can receive from making an error when relocating it.  High temperature pressure washer hoses are a little more, but they can be really worth the investment for your steam power washer.

One additional very critical issue to think of is basic safety.  Constantly make sure that you prepare correctly for the job.  If you’re using powerful cleaning chemicals, put on rubber gloves and shoes.  Also, you might need a breathing mask which is capable of blocking the chemical gases that you’re using.  Otherwise you could potentially fall sick.  Be sure to additionally put on protective goggles. You won’t want the cleaning chemicals, or even the very hot water or higher force water sprayed in the direction of your eyes.

Make sure that other persons stear clear of you whenever you’re using the pressure washer.  Failure to do can result in bystanders also becoming seriously injured.  A very good approach to keep onlookers at a distance may be to set out a few orange safety cones.  These cones help make persons conscious mindful of the danger in the area.

When power washing, use a wand which has a good rotating nozzle on the head.  A excellent pressure washer nozzle can help make the difference on rather your task is simple, or the muck is oblivious to your effort to remove it.  When shopping for nozzles, try to pick-up a hydro twisting nozzle.  A nozzle with a broader spray pattern is generally far better.  Narrow spray patterns have the advantage of expending much more force, but a larger spray pattern will help you get the task accomplished a lot more swiftly.

Must Be Clean Fresh Air Forever And Always

April 30, 2010

Air conditioning systems are installed in almost every building and in most of the modern cars. If we have it at home, at work and in our car then during the whole day we can hardly feel the weather outside! We are not so dependent on weather conditions anymore! We are used to the heating systems; we have had them already for years, but the fact that on a very hot day we can hide from the heat in a nicely cooled and fresh room is still relatively new for us.

Some people tend to complain that after a long time spent in a place where the air conditioner is on they feel ill. They sneeze and cough, sometimes they have a headache and a fever as well. It is a mistake to think that the air conditioning system itself causes their discomfort. It is rather the thoughtlessness and forgetfulness that causes it.

First of all we have to remember that the temperature outside and the temperature inside the building with the air conditioning on differ significantly. Coming into a cool room while there is 95F outside makes a huge difference to our body. If we wear the same clothes in both places and we often go in and out it is very possible that we will get a cold.

The same thing happens when we come into a well heated room from the outside where there is, let’s say, 5F. The rapid temperature change is not good for us also in this case. And if we spend some time in the room wearing the clothes we had outside we should be preparing for spending some time in bed soon.

Another thing people have to remember is that the air conditioner filter has to be changed regularly! Is it really so hard to keep it in mind? We all more or less know how the system works. It sucks the air from the premises, cools it or heats it and then blows it back to the room. The air is sucked together with dust, mites, bacteria and everything else that is there. Before being blown back, the air is cleaned by the AC filter. Imagine what happens when the filter is dirty. All the bad and dirty stuff that is in the cooled or heated air comes back to us, collecting also the older dirt from the filter. If it happens in the office where people work for at least 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday it is really dangerous to their immune systems. People allergic to dust wouldn’t probably spend there even an hour. But the worst thing that could be is a dirty filter in the air conditioner installed in a closed kitchen with no windows, for example in a restaurant. Imagine the bacteria the air filter collects there every day! Then the same dirty air comes back to the room and to the prepared food! It is not only dangerous for the workers but also for the customers of the restaurant.

Make Easy Pond And Water Garden Construction

April 27, 2010

Today, the successful water garden usually as an ecosystem to maintain a balance between fish, plants and bacteria, water is clearly designed to be used. The type of pond I’m talking about himself is not included (from a spring or stream) and fed between 100-900 meters, a water garden courtyard, easy to maintain and add value to your lifestyle and property. 20 years ago the typical do it yourself water garden was a mud-filled cesspool that was coming towards us, while successful koi pond of hot water and deep filter unattractive equipment from the pond. From a better understanding of how the pond ecosystem and some equipment ideas from the pool of industrial equipment on loan to dig someone with the ability to do things and move rocks and dirt to create a beautiful garden of living water, if using proven equipment and methods.

Now I have to admit that there are other possibilities that may work, but none of the other construction of pond Methods have the success that I installed a pond, saw with this system.
The basic elements of this system are roof, wall tiles, stones and gravel, skimmer, fill, pump, sanitary, biological filtration, plants, fish and bacteria.- Garden hose storage

Here’s a simplified explanation of how this works as an ecosystem. Eating fish, insects and plants, and so the fish waste is spreading through the system. The skimmer draws water from the upper layer of the pond and help with transportVentilation, while trapping debris in the network. The pump is under the net the skimmer and pump up to a bio-filter. The bio-filter is often designed to be incorporated into a waterfall. The water enters the biofilter and rises through the filter, which is colonized by bacteria. The bacteria convert the waste into a less harmful to fish and less prone to an overgrowth of algae. The waterfall of the river or to add more ventilation in need of bacteria and fish. The Plant uptake of nitrogen and some ‘oxygen-containing water. The rocks and gravel, which provides more surface area for bacteria and protects the line from UV rays,  Garden hose storage.

Facts Behind Green Chemicals For Car Washing

April 27, 2010

As people become more aware about the environment,  green chemicals have increased in popularity. There is a vast range of green cleaning solutions now available for different applications, including car washing, industrial cleaning, carpet cleaning, graffiti removal, and more. Unfortunately, many people still believe that eco-friendly cleaning products are not as effective as chemically based ones.
When it comes to very tough cleaning jobs, particularly with heavy vehicles, there is a belief that only harsh chemicals can do a good job. For jobs that involve the removal of grease, hardened deposits, and mixed debris, these chemicals are often called upon. The truth is, however, that these chemical-based detergents are harmful to the health of the user, the environment, and the vehicle surface. Pushing all misconceptions aside, today’s top suppliers now offer green auto detailing car wash chemicals that are just as powerful as their hazardous counterparts, while remaining plant-based, non-toxic, and readily biodegradable.

1. How Can It Be More Effective?

The reason green chemicals are effective is because they tackle dirt and grease in a unique way. Unlike many chemically based cleaning agents, a green car wash chemical will remove dirt from a molecular level. That is, they penetrate dirt molecules and break them down from the inside, emulsifying the broken down particles in water. In this way, even stubborn stains, deposits, and residues can be removed with relative ease. In fact, this mode of dirt removal is often more effective than some chemical cleaning agents.
A green cleaner does more than just break down dirt from a molecular level. A green car wash chemical also works to ensure that the tiny broken-down particles repel each other. This prevents them from re-adhering to the newly cleaned surface.
It is also worth noting there are special green cleaner formulas available for cleaning different vehicles and surfaces. Truck washes designed for cleaning big rigs and heavy vehicles are more focused on removing dirt and debris that can accumulate from long hauls and carrying different cargo, while car wash formulas remove every day dirt and grease that accumulates on automotive surfaces.
Eco-friendly cleaning agents used for cleaning vehicle interiors are also available. These formulas work to encapsulate and crystallize the dirt particles. This makes it easier to remove them from the carpet or upholstery and is especially useful in removing deep-seated debris and stains.

2. More Than One Advantage

Buying an auto detailing car wash chemical from a trusted green cleaning manufacturer offers you many benefits. For one thing, these products are versatile. They can be used for simple bucket and sponge washing or in conjunction with cleaning machines. They are also effective in automated car washes and closed-loop washing systems.

These products are plant-based, which means they do not pollute the environment. Apart from that, they do not pose a corrosive or toxic risk to the vehicles being cleaned or the person doing the cleaning. There is also no risk of these products leaving behind harmful traces that can lead to skin irritation or respiratory problems.
Car detailing eco-friendly cleaning solutions are especially useful for mobile car wash. When cleaning a vehicle at a client’s residence or workplace, you cannot afford to leave behind harsh car wash residue, as it can contaminate the soil and water. If these contaminates are not washed away completely, they can cause sickness in pets and children, as well as other negative environmental effects.

There is no risk of this happening with eco-friendly cleaning solutions from a trusted green cleaning manufacturer. Since they do not contain harsh chemical ingredients, there is no risk of toxic contamination. Any run-off will break down naturally and safely into the environment without causing harm.

Benefit Library Ladder

April 24, 2010

Library Ladder allows you to reach books, periodicals and other items found in a library. Since a library contains huge cabinets and book shelves, getting one book on the top most part will require a lot of effort. This is what a good piece of a library ladder addresses. This type of trade ladder is specially manufactured to cater to the busy and dynamic nature of libraries.

A traditional ladder, found in libraries, is usually made of wood. This type of trade ladder is usually straight and portable allowing its users to conveniently position it from one spot to another. Simple hook ladders provide better grip. There are also home or public libraries that use stepladders.

One of the most efficient trade ladders in use is a special rolling track library ladder. A steel rod is placed above the library racks of the rolling track ladder. To avoid the user from toppling over, grab bars placed on top of the rung are sandwiched within the steel rods. This allows the user to efficiently and safely move from one book shelf to another. Wheels are also placed in a fixed position at the bottom of the ladder. This creates a smooth movement for the ladder.

There are also library ladders available to be used in moving around narrow aisles. One of the smaller library ladders offered in the market are double track rolling library ladders. The swivel casters located at the bottom part of the ladder allows it to rotate in different directions. This feature provides comfort to the user when moving in smaller areas.

The traditional rolling track library ladder is commonly made of wood. The bottom step is designed to be broad. The broadness of the step provides safety to users while they are on the ladder. Most library ladders are customizable. You can request for additional details depending on the features that you need. In doing so, the size of the area and the nature of activities in the library should be factored in.

Aside from the features of the rolling library ladders, you can also choose the material that will be used to manufacture the ladder. The materials for your customized ladder range from aluminum, steel or fiberglass. If your library has smaller sized book shelves, you can opt to use a free standing ladder. For better support, the free standing ladder has a built-in platform where you can stand as well as special hand rails.

A library ladder is definitely a great help for library workers and users. Choose library ladders that will not create so much noise when used. Noise from the wheels of the trade ladder can cause disturbance to people who are reading and studying in the library. Another factor that you have to consider is the ease of use function of the ladder. Choose a ladder that will make your library work easier. If the ladder that you currently have takes so much time of your time to move around, then you made the wrong choice.

Nature Light With Led Downlighting

April 24, 2010

It is relatively easy to pick up a warm white incandescent bulb just about anywhere,but if you want to save electricity and money, then you would not miss out the chance to have a LED downlighting.
LED downlighting brings us a new concept for home lighting. There is no doubt that a well placed LED downlight can make such a huge difference to how your room feels or looks. It can also be a great way to bring attention to some of the things you may have in your home that you really want people to see.

Obviously the current financial situation is causing many people to think of cheaper ways of obtaining goods and products. There is no doubt that the LED downlight is a product which does just this. A LED downlight comes in the fact that they use a much lower level of energy when compared to the normal lights that would be used at home or in the working environment. This fits in perfectly with the current environmental protection concept. Using less energy to get the extremely lighting effective, LED downlighting is an ideal economical and practical products.

What’s more, the use life of LED downlight is more longer than other traditional lights. Because of its special material, LED downlight prolong use life which can help us save money,too. You needn’t to exchange your lights frequently.

LED downlighting are available in variety of styles and colours to meet different consumers’ needs. A wider range of finishes and styles are becoming available on the market all the time.What you need to do is just select one LED downlighting match up with your house style.

Give your house a new look with these fashion LED downlight.Whatever the style or finish you have at home, you will be able to find the perfect LED downlight product to ensure that your room feels complete.

With Trash Cans Make Facility Clean

April 23, 2010

Any trash indoors finds its way into the trash can but it is very difficult to control the trash made outdoors. There is an extremely simple solution to control such kind of rubbish. Outdoor trash cans are commonly seen in areas such as outside of a restaurant, in a park, arena or sports field.

Great care is mostly taken to see that the area indoors is kept clean and hygienic. However the areas outside is mostly neglected. In areas such as outside a restaurant, in a park, arena or sports field, it is very common to see litter in the absence of a trash can. The outcome of this is that the outdoors tends to look dirty and untidy. However, if a trash can is placed in such areas one will notice that the trash littered around such places is substantially reduced. Though just a simple tool, an outdoor trash can achieve many good results.

An outdoor trash can help achieve to make a place look clean and tidy. Any place littered or filled with trash loses its charm and attractiveness. With the help of an outdoor trash can any waste which find its way on pavements and on the ground will be put in the crash can.

Today, many types of outdoor trash cans are available suiting every need and every volume of trash. They come in various sizes and shapes. You just need to choose the correct one. There are outdoor trash cans available which come with a wooden or other attractive cover. Therefore, instead of looking like a trash can it looks like something nice and at the same time it performs its functions of collecting trash.

One thing about outdoor trash cans which is important is that they must be such that the persons who throw rubbish or trash into such trash cans do not come in contact with the actual trash can. Many may find it revolting to actually touch the trash can for fear of bacteria and germs. Therefore, it is important that while choosing an outdoor trash can it should be such that the person throwing rubbish in them does not have to touch the mouth of the trash can. For this, the swing top kinds of trash cans are most suitable. Also trash cans that have a partial part of their tops open are a very good option. Trash cans with an open mouth though an option should not be used as an outdoor trash can because such trash cans can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and give out a stench if not covered.

The size of an outdoor trash can is particularly important. It should be big in size because such cans are mostly placed in public areas where they need to accumulate trash of high volume. Also, the placement of such trash can is also important. They should be put in places where they are easily visible and accessible to the public at large.

Tips For Installation of Radiant Floor Heat

April 23, 2010

If you are living in an extremely chilled environment, and would like to enjoy the warmth of the stovetop around you, you can try installing radiant floor heat system at your home or at your business place. It is truly a wonderful experience and keeps you quite comfortable throughout the day.


There are primarily three types of radiant floor heat system : (1) air heated, (2) electric and (3) hydronic. All of these 3 types have their own pros and cons. While air heated radiant floor heat system can incorporate solar energy system, it is quite expensive. Thus it is hardly used for personal reasons.

On the other hand, electric radiant floors could be cost effective, if they use considerable amount of thermal mass. However, the most popular version of radiant floor heat system is hydronic system, as it is not only cost effective, but also you have a control over the room temperature just by regulating the water flow.

There are several installation methods for radiant floor heat. Here we will discuss 4 methods out of the lot.

Method 1: Wet Concrete Slab Installation

This is the oldest form of radiant floor heat installation. In this method, radiant mat, cable system or tubing is embedded to the concrete slab structure. This method is also known as slab on grade installation procedure as this is installed more than a few feet degree below of the slab. Wet concrete slab installation is typically used in new construction. If you would like to take the advantage of this method, you must seek professional help.

Method 2: Over Subfloor Installation

Both hydronic and electric radiant floor heating system can be installed using over subfloor installation method. As the name suggests, this installation is done over the subfloor and not in the beneath. In this method, professionals use pre-manufactured radiant heating system such as electric mesh that can be placed just below the floor covering. On the top of that, hydronic or electric tubing is placed like a sandwich between the wood or concrete subfloor and cement or ply-board underlayment.

Method 3: Under Subfloor Installation

With this method, the radiant floor heat system is attached between floor beams. Basically, the air space of the beams is used to suspend the heating system. You need to install proper insulation below the heating system, so that the heat produced can be reflected upward direction towards the surface along with the room on the top. This is a dry method and particularly useful when you plan to renovate your room.

Method 4: Built in Subfloor Installation

In this method, the system is designed in such a way that it produces heat for both the system and subfloor. This system is also known as structural radiant subfloors. This method is comparatively easier for installing both electric and hydrnic radiant floor heat system. However, you must consult professional to do it at your home.