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Common Mistakes in Decorating Children’s Rooms

May 7, 2010

We should consider so many important factors in decorating a child’s room. We should consider safety and ecology friendly concerns. We should think ahead and choose the best mattress for child’s tender spine. With regards to the bed, chair, cupboard and table we should give preference to strong and child friendly furniture for kiddies’ rooms. So each and every piece of new furniture should undergo our test whether it is strong enough and child friendly.

We should remember that a child’s room is not a place just for resting, but also for games and activities,  we should foresee so many factors. For example, walls, kids might draw pictures on it. So walls should be easily washable. Some parents prefer wall papered, reasoning that they are more economical and ecological.

Other parents prefer glossy paper walls, since they are stronger, and can be washed and even painted several times. There are so many variations, each family should choose according to their own taste. As long as the colours are eye friendly for a little person.

It has been scientifically proven that the children develop better if the walls are in pastel colours. It is even influencing the health of the children they get sick less often, are less stressful and more productive with their homework. While bright colours and large figures, on the contrary, will bring tiredness and neuroses. Since a child’s room is a private space of your little ones where they should rest from the emotions of the day, the colours of the walls in children’s rooms should NOT be too bright.

If pastel tones seem to you too dull and not attractive, then you can choose good accessories, such as teddy bears, colourful lamps, hanging elements or paintings. But it is not recommended to decorate walls with creatures from cartoons or movies, especially modern ones, because it might influence negatively on the child’s psyche. Much better and healthy for the body and for the mind to choose images of nature: for example, fruits bright, natural multicolours, they will perfectly bring a huge difference into children’s world.

Moreover, fruits can introduce a child to the alphabet and healthy food. Each fruit can contain a smiling face. A very interesting idea that has been shared with me is how to make a child good friends with fruits from the very tender age. Very easy and creative,  with the help of magical and healthy fairtytales. It should be narrated to the little one on a daily basis. Preferably it should be an individual story on each fruit that is a part of the room’s decoration. The fairytale should, in an easy and entertaining form, explain to the child about the fruit’s life story and health benefits. The main aim of this methodology is to introduce little ones to the world of nature and to develop in children the love for healthy food. Besides, the child will feel very comfortable in his room, being amongst good friends ruits, as these stories will live in his imagination for years.

When choosing the furniture, parents generally are divided into two groups. The first group declares that independence is above all. They are prepared to change almost all items of furniture every second year.

The second group of parents prefer long-term things. Everything – be it furniture or clothing need to be chosen for several years. ,For example, longer sleeves and trousers pipes are normally bought up oversize and rolled up. Always having an excuse that today everything is too expensive and child can wear the same shoes 2-3 years if they put in it extra pair of thick socks.

Anyway, again, it depends on an individual’s preference and choice but a professionals would recommend a golden middle road. Bed and chair – these are the two main items that should really be changed relevant to the child’s growth. A tiny tot requires a small cozy bed,a bigger child would prefer a bed with many shelves where he or she could store toys and accessories. The teenager needs a good bed suitable for an grown-up, relevant to his new ‘adult’ status at school, college or home. The chair should be chosen just as carefully, preferably according to the child’s taste. If a child’s elbows are at table-height, then you can be sure that this chair is appropriate for him.

A bookshelf is a essential part of a child’s room and should be very functional. When a child is still small, the bookshelves can be used for his clothing, later it will be an ideal place for keeping his toys, then books. There will never be enough books as long as they are beneficial for child’s mind and heart. We should always be very careful in choosing the right literature for your little treasure.

Let your little one to have the world of good books full of knowledge, kindness, good morals, the world of fairytales and wise stories, that are being narrated by loving parents. Even the most advanced and exclusive interior without kind words can be replaced by the loving atmosphere created by caring and affectionate parents.


Why is Sport Such a Great Outlet for Teenagers?

May 1, 2010

Many teenagers in high school today try out for sports because they think that it will make them popular with their friends and also provide a good vehicle for getting them dates. But there are of course many other benefits to be gained from sports in school and here are just a few to show why sport is such a great outlet for teenagers.

We live at a time when all of us are taking less and less exercise and for many kids this is largely because they have home computers, video games and TVs in their rooms and are happy to spend time sitting at these rather than going out in the fresh air and getting some exercise. It is this of course which also forms one half of the equation today which is resulting in childhood obesity sweeping across the United States.

For many years now obesity has been a problem amongst adults but it is now being seen in children at younger and younger ages and there is no question that a combination of poor eating habits and a lack of sufficient exercise are fueling this epidemic. Sport at school therefore provides an excellent vehicle for getting our kids the exercise they need and also provides the motivation to keep them in shape, which is something that is simply lacking when adults try to follow an exercise program by joining a local gym.

Another very real problem with kids spending time at home on their computers or playing video games is that this is largely a solitary activity and they are missing out on the socialization which is so necessary for their development. This too is provided not only through sport itself, but because many of their fellow sportsmen and sportswomen will also become friends with whom they will socialize off the sports field.

Sports also provides parents with a great way to bond with their children by showing up to support them at games, helping them with their practices and also joining in with fundraisers. Through sports you can not only get to spend time with your kids and talk to them, but you can also get to spend time with their friends and learn a little bit about who they are hanging out with as well.

Now at this stage you may be thinking that this is all well and good but my kid is not particularly good at sports and is never going to make it into a team. Well, fortunately, there are a lot of kids in the same boat and so if this is the case then you can always look outside the school where you will find plenty of places where sport is perhaps less demanding and a little more fun than sport.

Also do not be too rigid in your definition of sports and remember that what you are really looking for is something that is going to give your kids a reasonable amount of exercise but also get them out so that they can meet other kids and develop their social skills. Just take a look around your area and you will almost certainly find many sporting activities which your kids would be happy to try if you just point them in the right direction.

Decorate Teenagers Onboard

May 1, 2010

Families are one of the fastest growing groups of new cruisers, with more than one million passengers under the age of 18 heading off on a cruise each year. The most important factors in choosing a cruise that will suit your whole family are the facilities onboard, the itinerary of the chosen ship, the cabins, and the dining options. Selecting a cruise line that has a child-friendly, and teen orientated approach, will make your holiday  stress-free and enjoyable for everyone.

Research shows that the majority of 12-17 year olds prefer the Caribbean. With the warm weather and lovely beaches, they are able to relax, sunbathe, take part in water sports, dolphin encounters or even go on a boat trip. There are of course some excellent shore excursions, visiting museums, zoos, and aquariums. The main thing with the destination is that there is plenty to do, and for many teens, visiting cathedrals, art galleries or shopping is not always high on the list.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is rated very highly as a cruise line that teenagers love, all the ships have a dedicated teen area apart from The Nordic Empress. The areas are split into two groups 12-14 and 15-17 year olds. Each of the ships is very different in regards to what you will find onboard, the Voyager class and Freedom class contain so much to keep your children entertained from trampolining, ice-skating, and even the Flow Rider machine (a surf simulator).

On the Navigator, Mariner and the majority of the Freedom Class ships you will find a Living Room area, a place full of books and computers, where they can just relax with their friends, and The Back Deck, which is a place for teens to sunbathe with their friends, an exclusive outdoor area just for teenagers. There are activities throughout the day, and in the evenings, there are clubs and teen discos open from 10.30-2am, these being The Optix or Fuel.

Both groups are free to come and go as they please, and are designed to be a place to relax and chill out with their friends, or to take part in some great activities. Your children and their friends can get involved in anything from theme nights, to a Scratch DJ Academy, Mocktail Competitions, Open Mic and Talent Contests, Teen BBQ’s, Pool parties, Teen Casino and even Unplugged Jam Sessions.

Royal Caribbean has also introduced Generation YSPA, which is a spa for 13-17 year olds.  Teenagers can come along here (with their parents if they like!) and have different treatments like Acne Attack, Fruity Facials, Mother and Daughter, or Father and Son massages, Fake Bake, Surfers Scrub, Magical Manicures, and they can even take part in their own Fitness Frenzy classes.

Gym and Weight Room Offer Teens Worthwhile Activities

May 1, 2010

The teenagers are given the opportunity to enjoy their vacation or school breaks by joining open gym and weight rooms. As the teens want to experience worthwhile activities, open gym and weight rooms could just be the right venues. Open gym is fun, exciting and a relaxed opportunity for teenagers to learn instructions and techniques of their favorite games. Special training programs like basketball are offered by sports clinics which are quite expensive. In the open gym, these trainings could be participated for free, thanks to various sponsors.
To join the open gym, the teens must get information who are conducting these gyms and where they are held. They have to make a call or pay a visit and submit the requirements. Of course, applicants have to undergo the usual screening process to ensure that they are physically fit for the rigorous trainings.
The activity involves two phases, the first is learning the required skills and second, letting the teens to play in pick-up games. During the first phase, the teen participants are given the right training which can only be found in sports clinics. A strict schedule of activities has to be followed. Since most open gyms have various sponsors like health drinks companies, food and drinks will never be a problem. Taking nutritious food and drinks is part of the program to stay fit, health drinks.
The second phase is the exciting part. Here, the participants are given the chance to team up with their co-participants and play games with other teams. This way, they will have the actual experience of using their skills learned during the first portion to help win the team.
Since some open gyms are scheduled to scout for talents in support to existing leagues, the teen participants therefore have all the opportunities to be discovered and become winning athletes. Who knows if the next professional basketball players and Olympic medalists come from open gyms.
Another hangout for teens is the weight room with its state of the art weight equipments. Here, various programs related to weight reduction and body fitness are introduced to the teenagers. The activities are not limited to weight reduction but have positive effects towards cardio-respiratory endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and body compositions. Equipments include free weights, hammer strength and weight machines. A visit to these weight rooms would discover more activities and creative equipments than mentioned above.
If the community complains of teens addicted to drugs, alcoholic drinks and vices, it should encourage the opening of weight rooms and open gyms. Aside from just introducing the programs, incentives must be also offered to entice the teenagers to avoid drug addiction. Attractive offers may include discount coupons to purchase nutrition supplements, book clubs and other objects which interested the teens. This will motivate the teenagers to make use of their time on worthwhile activities, and for sure, these teens want to become intellectually and physical fit.

New Practical Teenage Bedroom Decor Ideas

May 1, 2010

Differing opinions and priorities make redecorating a teenager’s bedroom particularly challenging. Using these suggestions, it is realistic for parents and their teenage children to come to an agreement on a decor that suits everyone. These teenage bedroom decor ideas are attractive, affordable and useful.

Order and Cleanliness : This is often more important to parents than it is to teenagers. Studies have shown that students who are neat and orderly learn better. There are a few easy ways to combat the mess in your teenager’s room. A loft-bed with desk is a great way to combat clutter and create more surfaces from which to work. Since the bed is elevated and out of the way, your teenager will have more room for a desk, extra cabinets, and additional closet space, thus allowing for more organization. Closet organizers are also practical and useful for teenager bedroom decor changes. With designated areas for clothing, shoes, books, and accessories, these organizers increase the chances that your teenager will actually pick up after himself

Comfort : Your child’s comfort is a significant priority when considering teenager bedroom decor ideas. You want your teenager to enjoy his room and to feel that it is a warm, inviting part of the home. Pay attention to the quality of the computer desk and chair that you purchase for a teenager’s room. In this hi-tech age, teenagers spend a good deal of time working at the computer. Most teenagers like to work in the comfort of their own room, and the best place to work for good posture and efficiency is at a computer desk with a comfortable chair. In addition, for added comfort, install a ceiling fan in your teenager’s room. This will lower your air conditioning costs, keep your student cool during the summer, and help prevent allergies.

Space: Another of the many teenager bedroom décor ideas is to create extra space by adding an armoire or standing closet. As we all know, teenagers enjoy shopping. A typical teenager has more clothes than his father and mother combined and most homes do not have closets big enough to suit their wardrobe needs. A simple, beautiful wood armoire with drawers would make an excellent addition to the decor of the room; on a practical level, it is also an efficient way to store extra clothes and to keep the bedroom clean.

Decor  Keep the color scheme simple and neutral. Teenagers tend to be fickle, liking one color one day and a different color the next. Classic colors will have more longevity. If you prefer not to have your teenager tacking posters up on the walls, purchase a large tack board and mount it on one wall. Allow them to place anything that they want to on this board, thus sparing the rest of the room from nicks and tacks.

Make Cabin Bed Or Bunk Bed?

April 27, 2010

It is important to know the difference between different kinds of beds when you go bed shopping for your home. There is quite a bit of confusion when it comes to “cabin beds” and “bunk beds”. However, there are actually several large differences between the two of them.

Cabin beds : are designed for children of all ages, from childhood to teenagers. Toddler children to about age six to seven fit the junior cabin bed, which is designed for the young. Whether a junior bed or full adult size, space is always a consideration to keep in mind. The most popular children’s cabin design is the midsleeper cabin bunk with a complete ladder and tent. The midsleeper is designed for both boys and girls and has a slanted ladder which can be placed on either side of the bed. They can also be converted to a single bed depending on the number of kids your family has.

Bunk beds : are a very popular style of bed. They are made of two beds and suitable for larger families of more than on child. Most bunk beds are made of metals or hardwood which last for a much longer period and they also have different types of ladders and the safety rails which makes them suitable for a small child or teenager. Some bunk beds also have drawers and shelves at the bottom, making them vary greatly in makes and designs. The bunk bed is not just idea for smaller space but can be useful as places where kids can play.

Bunk beds are also perfect for dormitory living. Two or three teenagers can use this bed for sleeping purposes. Moreover, even when your teen won’t be sharing a room with someone else, he or she will have an opportunity to utilize the top bunk for sleeping and use the space where the bed would have been placed to place a wardrobe or personal belongings on the empty space. It’s a great way to make the most out of small dorm quarters which have limited space options. On the other hand, cabin beds use a lot of space, leaving less room for other necessary items such as equipment.

Bunk beds also come in a variety of designs like the racing cars or Barbie cars which is a great way to add color and variety to your child’s room. It adds an element of fun apart from being just a regular bed.

Transform Bedrooms Into Stunning, Chic Style

April 24, 2010

Modern alternatives to four poster style beds are being used by interior designers to bring a return to privacy and seclusion in the bedroom! Bed canopies, princess styles, curtained beds and the use of mosquito styled nettings are being incorporate into many bedroom designs.

Opting for a style which compliments you interior style is easy with so many variations to choose from. Traditionally four poster beds were used with thick brocade curtains as a way of keeping warm during the winter by the wealthy. Visit any stately home or castle in the UK and you will see exquisite and elaborate beds which either have thick curtaining or opulent princess styled canopies.

The poorer people used curtains to provide privacy for parents when their entire family slept in the same room, as well as an effective way to help them keep warm during the winter. Many beds were designed to fit into niches within the bedroom or living space and used a curtain to close at night to segregate people who shared rooms. Whilst in today’s modernised world most people have their own bedrooms and rarely share with children or others the revival of using these different bedroom styles is becoming increasingly popular.

1. Bed canopies:
Modern alternatives are made from lengths of fabric which are suspended above a bed and whilst these do not offer any form of privacy they can look striking and bring a whole new perspective to a bedroom.

2. Princess canopies:
These are often used in girl’s bedrooms to give an elaborate and ‘princess’ theme to the room. Grander, larger princess styled canopies are also being used in master bedrooms to give a unique and sensual appearance. Semi-circular loops of plastic or metal hold the fabric in place and shape, as with modern bed canopies this style is used purely for aesthetic purposes rather than privacy.

3. Mosquito nets:
Of course these are used in many countries where their need is essential, however they are also being used in the UK to add a sensuous look to a bedroom. These are available in a a wide variety of different colours and can be embellished with fabric butterflies, sequins and beads to coordinate with bedrooms with a specific theme.
Black mosquito nets can be seen coordinated with ruby reds to create a sexy and seductive look in modern homes. Whilst black teamed with teal or vibrant neons are a great way to create a funky teenage bedroom.

4. Four poster styles:

There are wide variations as to how these can be achieved with a modern or contemporary look. Beautiful white voile fabric threaded through poles is an effective and affordable way to create chic style which creates a sophisticated, yet sensuous look to the bedroom.

Alternatively eyelet curtains are a great way to add curtains of different fabric weights. These are widely available in a whole host of different patterns and colours and are an easy and effective way of providing privacy and intimacy. This modern style is not used to keep biting insects away as they rarely have a fabric ‘roof’, however they can transform a bedroom quite effortlessly into a very striking and chic interior design style.

Modern Designs of Area Rugs

April 24, 2010

Nowadays, the most sought-after area rugs are those that have modern designs. Whether the homeowner has a limited or huge budget for the rugs, he or she would want to shop for rugs that have striking designs and patterns or colorful colors. Modern designs of rugs include flowers, bold and cheerful colors, stripes, or anything that will definitely make an area of the home stand out. Over the years, modern area rugs are generating more sales than other styles of rugs. Because of this, manufacturers are making sure that they are able to comply with every consumer’s demand. In the current market, there are many designs that top the sales. These include wool felt and leather rugs that have botanical patterns, exquisite wool rug designs, and hand-knotted rugs that are designed with flowers.

Match your Modern Area Rug with Your Home Interior Design :

Whatever modern area rug you want to buy for your home, you have to make sure that it matches the interior design of your home. Your choice of rugs depends on your tastes and preferences. Aside from the typical bold patterns and colors, modern rugs are made out from materials that do not require too much care tips. These include wool, cotton, polypropylene, and olefin. Since your selection of area rugs is broad, there are several factors to consider. The first thing that you have to remember is room’s size. You also have to think about the main purpose of the rug. Lastly, you have to choose an area rug according to the effect that you would like to set.

The Best Area Rugs for Living Rooms

Among the rooms within your house, the living room is perhaps the most common area, where you can throw in an area rug. Your choice rug does not only cover the floor, it also makes the space seem brighter and wider. The colors and patterns of the rug are capable of providing different effects within your house. You can make your living room look more formal or more cheerful depending on the design or tones of the area rugs. If you want to make this part of your house seem bigger, refrain from buying rugs that have huge patterns. On the other hand, do not put in a rug with small patterns to your huge living room. This will only make the area seem cluttered. If the lighting of this area is dark, make it bright and sunny with colorful rug colors like yellow and orange.
When your furniture set is all angles and straight boring lines, set them off with bright and abstract patterns. If your spacious living room has conversational grouping design, provide it with a unified touch by picking out area rugs that have border patterns.
Area Rug Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

When it comes to your kid’s room, the best area rug is one that has pastel or bright colors. You should also opt for simple designs and materials that are easy to care for. The best example of this type of fabric or material is polypropylene, which is relatively easy to wash and clean. The area rug should also be resistant to stains. Or else, you can treat it with stain resistant products. Your child will not remain a kid forever, so refrain from buying rugs that have cartoon character designs. Instead, go for lively patterns with bright colors.

Childrens Desks

April 23, 2010

Want your kids to carry happy memories of their rooms from crib to college? It’s not as daunting as it sounds. For kids bedroom furniture come to Spacify. Our lines of kids bedroom furniture are filled with the exuberance of youth and designed childrens desks to reflect your fine taste.

For a kid bedroom furniture is synonymous with vivacity and spirit. The KIP bed at Spacify is built with fine attention to details of end users. A modern childrens desks Baltic birch structure, it has a slat system and rounded edges for extra safety. Pamper the child in you by indulging in the Oasis collection of child bedroom furniture.

Modern kids and teen furniture needs to be bright, attractive and special. Childrens desks and tables need designs that are fun and a heavy dose of usability. Spacify`s range of Modern Kids Furniture is diverse enough to suit different tastes. Select from kids` toys and accessories like large kitchens for pretend play and twin beds, bunk beds and toddler beds for that special feeling of independence. From teen baby furniture, kids bedroom furniture to eco friendly kids room collection, we have brought together the best of child friendly furniture, childrens desks and toys for you.

The Candy Kids Bed is a complete set of child bedroom furniture inclusive of bed, computer table, nightstand, tower with shelves, and bookcase with shelves. The bed is unique with its padded headboard. The Candy Kids Bed is a similar composition with a tall-upholstered headboard and bedside bench. Children bedroom Furniture with style and elegance.

The bed will fit any twin-sized mattress and, like everything in the BB2 Collection, has the durability to last for years. The BB2 Twin Bed measures 85″ long x 40″ wide x 28.75″ high. There is a 9″ deep shelf 7″ high at the foot of the bed-perfect for a child to sit and wrestle with their shoelaces.

Nowhere else would you find kids bedroom furniture with soul. These compositions in children’s bedroom furniture and childrens desks are ideal for a long lasting and versatile kids room. Let your children’s bedroom furniture reflect their character and express your style.

The Natural Beauty of Seagrass Area Rugs

April 22, 2010

There are different designs and styles of area rugs in the market. One of these is the seagrass rug, which comes in cool colors like tan, brown, and green. When you hear the term “seagrass”, the image that comes into your mind is a patch of soft and luscious green blades. Imagine this as your carpet, and you are presented with several wonderful opportunities. Seagrass rugs are among the latest trends in the industry of carpets and rugs. They are available in warm colors like tan, brown, and terra cotta. Or else, you can choose cool gray seagrass rugs. These are perfect for porches, patios, or entertainment rooms within your home.

The Advantages of Seagrass Area Rugs

The greatest advantage that you can get from seagrass area rugs is that it can withstand heavy foot traffic. What is more, these are durable and very sturdy. They can deal with vacuuming, beating, and sweeping. Plus, these rugs are capable of resisting heavy stains because they are made from special fibers. Liquids cannot seep into its fibers. This is the reason why you cannot find dyed seagrass rugs because the dye is not easily absorbed. These rugs are among the most well-known due to their luminosity and shine that are much like grass blades. If you are thinking of providing a room in your home with a scenery theme, the best accessory that you can throw in is a seagrass area rug.

The Different Weave Designs of Seagrass Area Rugs

Seagrass area rugs are crafted out from fiber materials that are grown within wide paddies. These paddies are found within coastal wetlands in countries like China and India. While the fibers are growing, they are filled with water from seas; hence the term “seagrass”. Because the material of this area rug requires relatively cheap production costs, it is fair enough that it should be sold at an equally lesser price. Seagrass rugs are among the versatile and flexible kinds of coverings for floors. What is more, they are available in attractive weave designs. One of these is seashore weave, wherein the fibers are lined into rows with alternating tie down fibers. With sea basket weaves, you will find that the fibers are thatched into squares. There are also seagrass area rugs that have symmetrical herringbone mesh styles like the seashell weave, sea breeze weave, and the sea bass weave.

Seagrass Area Rugs for Indoor Purposes

When the seagrass area rug is designed for interior purposes like the living room and dining room areas, it comes with different features. Some of these are stitched with borders for beautiful visual effects. Among the materials that are used as borders include wool, tapestry, cotton rim, and leather. These area rugs may also have padding or reinforced backing. This allows the increase of traction. Plus, the longevity of the rug is guaranteed. The underside of the seagrass rug is made from jute, which is glued with latex or natural adhesive that is free from chemicals.