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Tips For Finding Your Dream Condo

May 7, 2010

There are many reasons why individuals are choosing to buy a new condo. Young professionals prefer buying a place nearer to their work, singles favor a smaller and less maintenance home, and the coast of a condo is more affordable than most homes.  This is one property that is affordable and is also easily saleable. If you are someone thinking about purchasing a new condo, below is a list of the best condo buying tips to follow during your search of your dream condo.

1. Location, location, location. If a condo it is located far away from your work or from a transit station then you will need to be prepared to add a commuter coast to your budget. Make sure your condo is near shopping malls, churches, schools and business centers for your convenience.

2. Safe neighborhood. Check out the neighborhood and decide if it is safe to live in. Some condo communities even offer added security like a gated community and security guards. Also check out the traffic in the area, if noise levels are higher you may want to consider a different location.

3. Style. Decide before hand if you prefer a high rise, mid size or low. Swanky high rises cost more as they are mostly located within a city. However the view from the high rise is worth the extra coast, as well as the convenience of shopping and dinning are just a stroll away. If you enjoy a community setting, then mid and low rise buildings offer you the perfect comfort. Family oriented individuals live in these condos that are slightly away from business centers. Mid and low rise condos offer good neighborhoods where you can feel safe and secured.

4. Reputable builder. Research the condo builder before you buy. A reputed builder will offer you the best services especially if you are buying a new condo during the construction stage, which so happens to be the cheapest price.

5. Lastly, but not least, neighbors matter. Since condos provide you to live side by side with your neighbors, you will need to make sure your new condo has a society with association rules that are clear cut.

Now that you have a list of the top 5 condo buying tips, start your search for you dream new condo.


Man and Van Parking ticket

May 7, 2010

Man and Vans provides Man and Van services to industry and residential clients around London and often have to fight against parking tickets on behalf of our clients as part of our day to day work. Although we help customers with avoiding penalties occasionally penalties are issued wrongly or maybe occasionally because the parking warden is in a bad mood.

Virtually all man and van firms are unable to take liability for any parking tickets incurred whilst moving a client  it is the client’s duty to arrange parking bay suspensions or funding parking at a meter where necessary. In our experience the following steps can be taken in dealing with and avoiding parking tickets.

The council Furniture Removals parking exemption :

Though not frequently accepted by councils in daily parking enforcement, in the detail on their parking rules most authorities permit immunity to removals of household furniture. If you contact your local council you can get a clear-cut response on if they will allow this generally held exemption.

Cover yourself and getting a parking bay suspension :

In our experience the immunity above is not necessarily enough to guarantee that the removals vehicle remains ticketless. However, traffic wardens will leave us and you alone if you requesting advance for a parking bay suspension  unfortunately the only way to ensure you are left alone is to pay for the privilege.

Challenging a ticket :

Despite the fact that we require that clients paying full for parking fines received at the end of the job  you can ask that we don’t pay it right away so that you can lodge a claim against the ticket. We suggest Ticket Busters who claim to get off 90% of parking tickets. From what we have learned disputing parking fines all over London, your appeal will frequently be successful if you have a suitable argument and supporting documents backing up your dispute, and if you persevere with the appeal up until threatening to take it to legal proceedings.

Choosing Furniture Movers With A Directory Listing

April 30, 2010

Finding professional furniture removal services is not an easy task. However with Comparequotes, home owners will be able to find the best furniture movers across Australia. As an e business solution provider, Comparequotes is offering a quick, easy way in searching for the best contractors from various trades and services. Home owners looking for quality furniture removal services can put their mind at ease knowing that Comparequotes offers only reliable, professional & affordable companies.

At Comparequotes, home owners can save time and effort in searching for local furniture movers. Home owners who visit Compare quotes will find a directory list of contractors. On the list, home owners will find a record of contractors that have been pre-qualified to provide professional furniture removal service. The list also compiles trusted and recommendable suppliers that people will find across Australia.

Home owners who are looking for quality furniture removal services listing whether it is a local, interstate, or overseas move will find them with the search business directory listing. Using the directory will help home owners find furniture movers who will offer full quality removalists Australia service, which includes the packing and storage of materials.

To use the directory listing in searching for furniture movers, home owners will need to choose removalists as the category and click the search button to display a list of furniture movers across Australia. Once, the list of results appear, the home owner will be able to see the name of the furniture removal providers, their address, and their contact information such as a phone number, fax number, and e-mail address.

For home owners who are searching for removalists Australia service in their local area, they can narrow down the list of results to only show movers in their local area by choosing a specific location in the directory listing. For the state, they can choose from New South Wales to Northern Territory. For the region of New South Wales, they can choose from Liverpool to Tamworth.

To Finding The Ideal Wardrobe Boxes

April 30, 2010

When moving, most people certainly consider the number of boxes required.  Some people even plan for different size boxes for different types of items.  However, different types of boxes should be used for different things.  For instance, wardrobe boxes offer significant benefits for packing clothing.  These boxes are designed for hanging clothes, and help ensure that they remain in good condition, unwrinkled during the move.
However, not all wardrobe boxes are created equal.

What should you look for in a good option?  You will find these boxes available from top name suppliers, such as U-Haul and Home Depot.  In addition, they should feature heavy duty construction to safeguard your garments during the move.  One thing you might want to consider during the move is the size of the wardrobe boxes that you use. Very tall boxes tend to waste usable space in the moving truck and often have wasted space inside the box.  “Shorty” boxes are tall enough for many types of garments, such as shorts and jackets, but they do not waste any space at the bottom.

Of course, if you have very long garments, such as formal dresses, long coats and other items that take up more room, then you will want to invest in taller wardrobe boxes.  You will also find “space saver” boxes, as well as lay-down wardrobe boxes that can offer benefits for some people.  One final note on these boxes concerns the clothing bar.  Most wardrobe boxes include some type of bar from which to hang your clothing.  Make sure that the bar is sufficiently strong for your garments.  Some bars are made of plastic, while others are made of metal.  Choosing the right type of bar for your application is important to ensuring that your garments arrive in the condition you expect.

Are Moving Home? No Problem!

April 30, 2010

Moving House? Its easy when you know how!

Moving house can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With a bit of preparation and organisation it can be a fun and exciting experience, which is what it should be just like getting married or having a baby! So keep reading and keep it simple!

1. Prepare, prepare prepare!

Mortgages, contracts, solicitors, it’s all been a struggle, especially in today’s current climate, but now you are ready to go, use the time you have to get ready, think about the process ahead, get organiced, keep a smile on your face, think about the end result you want to achieve and get the ball rolling.  Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
There are bound to be items that have no place in your new home.  Perhaps you have promised to leave some items for the people buying your old home, or you plan to upgrade your existing pieces with new stuff to suit the new surroundings.  Whatever your reasons, if you have items that need to be removed or sold do it now try to make money by selling rather than just visiting the local tip. There are many ways to sell, use the classifieds, EBay, car boots, these are all excellent ways to make money, which you can put towards buying new furniture to make your new home a better place.

For smaller items, and personal possessions that you don’t use every day, start packing them now! Remember, the more you do before you move, the less you do on the day. Visit every room in your house, garage sheds etc – be relentless! If you do not need to use it in the next few weeks pack it.

2. Careful Organisation is Key

Of course your move will mean transporting many items precious to you, in order to safeguard their arrival in the new place, protect them by wrapping them in newspaper or bubble wrap.  That way if they should they get accidentally dropped, or man handled by an overzealous removal man they will survive! Don’t risk adding to your stress levels by finding a family heirloom has got broken because of poor packing…

Another tried and tested idea is to label all your packing boxes in accordance to the room they need to be delivered to, sounds easy but you will be amazed at how many people fail to carry out this simple procedure.   Simply mark every box or bag by colour or number for example, as to which room it needs to be delivered to.  That way you will be saved carrying kitchen utensils from a bedroom back downstairs. Or finding the lawnmower in the bathroom!

3. Removal Companies

Don’t employ a cowboy! Research and read reviews where possible.  There are so many great removal companies on the market you are sure to find one that suits your budget and requirements.  The most important thing here is to recognise what it is you require from your removal company. Size of vehicle, length of time they are required, packing boxes needed, do you need  help with loading and unloading, these are all important things to take into consideration.

4. Once you get there…

If you have small children involved in the move, then think smart, get their imagination going by getting them involved, let them help you pack, use it as a time for them to be grown up and tell you which toys they no longer require. But do keep their favourite toys close at hand, that way (and they will)  if they get bored they can simply go and play, leaving you free to get busy!

5. Another top tip

when you arrive at your new house there will be items you need fairly quickly  the kettle is a good example, so once again think smart, items like bedding, cutlery, day clothes, toothbrushes should all be handy and easily found.
If you adhere to these rules and add a few personalised ones for yourself you should be able to move relatively stress free.  Never underestimate the importance of making lists, not rushing things and taking plenty of breaks to help with your handling of the big move.

Ready Moving Out Of Your Dorm Room

April 27, 2010

With school is soon adjourning for summer vacation and college students will be looking for a place to store their belongings over the summer months. Whether you’re moving from a dorm room to an apartment or just changing apartments for the following school year, placing your belongings in Pittsburgh self storage is a cheap alternative rather than hauling everything home for four months. If you’re planning to store your belongings in Pittsburgh storage you’ll want to get a jump start planning so you can guarantee an available storage unit at an affordable rate. Ask the storage facility if they are running any specials for college students. Storing your items for a few months instead of trying to move everything home will save you money in the long run. Renting a truck or a trailer to move everything home can be expensive depending how far you have to travel.

Although summer is a few months away it never hurts to start planning for your departure from school. Decide what you will be storing in your Pittsburgh storage facility, so you can chose the size of storage facility to rent. Since you won’t be accessing your unit often it’s safe to say that renting a unit as close as possible to the size recommended or smaller. Standing larger pieces of furniture on their ends and utilizing drawers as storage can help save space.
If you’re storing items such as furniture, clothing or other valuables a climate controlled storage unit will maintain the temperature, humidity and dust in the unit protecting your belongings from deterioration. Using a climate controlled storage unit will prevent mold, mildew and warping of your possessions.

Not sure if a climate controlled unit is worth the money, there are several steps you can take to protect your belongings in self storage. Place your items on 2×4 boards or a pallet to protect against water that may seep into the storage unit. Cover your items with a drop cloth will prevent dust from collecting. Invest in a mattress bag to protecting your mattress against soil, dust and water damage. Furniture pads can be placed over larger items to protect them from being damaged during the move. Boxing up your items will also maximize the amount of space in your storage unit.

If you have access to a truck or a larger vehicle, utilizing this will cut down on the cost to transport your items into the storage facility. Try to avoid having to rent a moving truck, if you’re moving smaller items make several trips, starting with the heaviest boxes. When stacking your boxes place the heaviest boxes on the bottom so items don’t shift and get damaged in your Pittsburgh storage facility.

Planning ahead for your move from the dorm to an apartment or to another apartment will make the move easier. Studying for finals and packing for the move home can be stressful, so having a plan will alleviate some of the anxiety caused by moving. Enlisting some friends to help you move can also take some of the stress away, and make the move go by faster.

How Moving cost made simple

April 27, 2010

When faced with moving there are several questions that arise. When should I move? How am I going to get all of this done? But the main question is how much will this move cost me? Cost is the driving force behind the decision to hire movers or allow family and friends to help.
Depending on the size of your home, moving can be affordable.  When deciding on a moving company or family and friends, there are a few things to consider.  Although family and friends mean well, they are not experienced movers.  Simply put, any nicks, scratches or items broken are your responsibility.  Family is also under no obligation to arrive on time or move at the speed you desire.  However, with skilled movers you are less likely to experience damage during your move.  And if items are damaged you can file a claim with your moving company.  You can also expect your movers to arrive at the time decided upon and move at a fast professional pace.  All in all, you get what you pay for.

Movers work either by an hourly rate or a flat rate and it is estimated by the amount rooms and items you have to move.  Traditionally two movers can adequately accommodate most one bedroom and two bedroom apartment moves.  Most townhomes, condominiums and three bedroom homes require three or more movers.  More than three bedrooms require four or more movers and an additional moving truck.  All of the above is based upon average furnishings, of course if your home is loaded with furniture the amount of men and equipment may increase.

Something else to consider is the date you’re moving.  Moving companies have different rates for weekend moves versus weekday moves.  There is also difference in price for local moves and moves over 50 miles.  And of course if you need your moving company to pack your rate will be different.  The best thing to do is research a few reputable moving companies.  Then ascertain a few moving quotes.  Remember your cost is typically based upon the number of rooms, mileage and whether or not you need packing.  Moving can be affordable with proper planning.

Why Should We Write Movers Reviews?

April 24, 2010

Have you ever tried writing movers reviews?

Of course you will never think of writing a moving review just because you feel like doing so. But if you ever have moved with a moving company, then it is a good habit to write down your real life experience. In fact your reviews will not only get stored over the web as a memory but will also help other people understand about the real quality of services offered by the reviewed relocation company. Additionally, you might not have realized that it is also a way to say “thank you” to your moving company. On the contrary it also can be used for revenging, which I will discuss later.

How can a moving review guide your selection?
As you already know that moving is always associated with some negative adjectives like stressful, troublesome etc. Moving is indeed one of the hectic job if not done in a sequential order. In fact it can get tougher and more complex if you fail to choose the right moving company. In that case movers reviews can resolve your problems. Investigating about a moving company is not that easy. It is not only time consuming but also tiring. Moreover, at times it really becomes difficult to verify each moving company one at a time.

Do you really have the time to call each relocation company one at a time? At this time can you really afford to ransack the web to know about the movers background history? As you already know that this is one of the very crucial phase of moving because every minute of yours is highly precious. Hence you really cannot afford to spend much time in investigating about the movers background. And generally people try to do as much as they can. But mover reviews can give you a proper insight of the type of services they offer. You will get to know how they will treat you as their customer and how carefully and responsibly they will relocate your belongings. Hence, beforehand you will know what you can expect from the reviewed moving company.

How can movers reviews be a curse or a boon for a moving company?
After you have already taken service from a moving company, you can either say their services were bad or their services were good. If the moving company has offered you a good service, then you can write a moving review to let people know how good the company was. In return the reviewed moving company might get some business because your good review will serve as a recommendation. Hence people who are looking for good moving service provider will surely pick your mover.

On the other hand, if your moving company did not offer you good service, then you can write a negative moving company review (complaints). This can have a drastic effect on the moving company because people who will go through movers reviews will never choose a moving company that is known for offering bad moving services.

Tips Arranging Storage Before You Move

April 24, 2010

Sometimes, there isn’t enough room for all of your belongings  and arranging storage, on top of moving can be a blessing in disguise or a nightmare.  So you need another, convenient, cheap option for your furniture. Storage companies are basically large warehouses or lockups that you can rent and range in size from a box room to an area large enough to store a complete house.

Storage is great if you’re needing to move out of one house before your other hoese is ready or when you’ve sold your old house but haven’t finished arranging the new one.  It saves the you having to work out what to do with your things. It’s also a good idea when you have too much furniture for your new house, and no where to store it yourself and while garages and basements are great for short term storage, they aren’t protected, in some cases against the elements, nor, possibly insured against accidents, such as fires or flood.  Garages and basements also, while accessible, may also need to be used for other things.

It is possible for your belongings to be damaged in storage, but highly unlikely you’ll be given a list of belongings that you’re checking in and you should check at that time that everything is secure, sealed and stacked or placed well.
If you’re moving long distance, its always good to research, throughly, by phone and if possible, in person, how much access you’ll have to your furniture, and belongings, and what sort of notice you need to give you’ll also need to work out what is going into storage and how much space you’ll need for it all.
If you’re unsure of storage companies, and you’re using a removal company ask them they may have a group of storage companies they deal with, and offer you a better premium than you may otherwise get.  It also means that you’ve got less research to deal with.

Looking for Boxes for Moving is Easy

April 23, 2010

When you are getting ready for a big move, one of the most important and most commonly forgotten things to do before the big day is to ensure that you have enough boxes to pack your entire home.  Every room takes up a surprising number of boxes once you start packing, and making sure that you have plenty is more difficult than it may seem.

Many people attempt to use boxes taken from local stores and restaurants, only to find that these boxes are not sturdy enough to hold most household items.  This is almost always a bad idea. When you use boxes that are not designated for shipping, your moving company will not be able to assure that the goods inside will not be damaged.  One of the most important parts of choosing boxes for moving is to select secure and sturdy boxes that will protect all of your valued and precious items.  This means choosing industry standard cardboard and boxes that can hold up to 200 lbs of weight.  One of the best ideas that you can have is to order your boxes online before your move date.

By ordering boxes online, you can easily get all you need to make the move easier.  You can choose boxes for one to ten rooms as well as kits with bubble wrap and other needed items.  You can also ensure that you will have as many boxes as you need and that they will be delivered before your move date.  When you need boxes the next day but don’t want to pay high moving company prices, using the web is certainly the best way to go.  Obtaining the right boxes for moving is important, and the Internet makes that easier to do than you may have ever guessed.