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Wanna Plain Pasta Meets Sweet Sour Cranberry Sauce

May 7, 2010

Pasta with cranberry sauce can be credibly prepared with the familiarity of Italian culinary.  The customary ingredients for this one-of-a-kind meal are as follows:

¾ cup of whole berry cranberry sauce (store-bought, presumably)
¾ cup of red wine
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Half a pound of Angel hair pasta, also known as capellini
4 medium shallots (sliced, not chopped)
2 medium garlic (sliced, not chopped)
3 medium tomatoes (thinly sliced)
2 teaspoons of red or pepper
2 teaspoons of salt
½ pound of chopped sausages
Half a pound of anchovies

First boil the angel hair pasta in huge boiling pot of water. Reserve a few ladles of the pasta water. On a separate stove, sink as much olive oil which is needed to fill up the pan. Two turns of the pan is recommended for this serving. Stir fry the shallots and garlic until medium brown. After that, add ½ pound of chopped sausages together with the anchovies, and while stirring the ingredients, mesh it with salt and pepper. Turn the heat higher than medium. After approximately 30 seconds add the cranberry sauce into the pan and belt the ingredients together vigorously. As soon as the ingredients blend together add red wine into the concoction.

After 5 minutes of boiling the angel hair pasta, strain them dry and add to the remaining composition of the pan. Stir swiftly every 10 seconds. Touch up the blend with the sliced tomatoes, and promptly turn off the heat.

The exquisiteness of Italian cooking remains in retaining the rightful texture as what is usually preserved in traditional pasta. In the perplexity of preparing a deciding which form of pasta is more appealing for your taste, it is advisory to test your taste buds on a variety such as linguini, fettuccini before trying on macaroni. The type of pasta which is usually opted for a typical spaghetti serving is the angel hair pasta.

This scrumptious meal can be served during large family gatherings especially during Christmas and New Year’s, not to mention how the display of homemade Italian cuisine will prove be a complete brag factor of your advanced cooking skills in the long run.


Why Front Load Washers Need HE (High Efficiency) Detergent

May 7, 2010

Since the introduction of the front loading washing machine into the North American market their sales have literally exploded. Like most people, you probably bought one because of the suggested savings. The claims about their efficiency are true. When operated properly you can save energy, water, and money. Plus they do a fabulous job of washing your clothes. But, using the wrong detergent can quickly destroy any hopes of savings. Along with the front loaders amazing popularity has come a tremendous amount of misunderstanding about the detergent they require.

A front loading washing machine needs a special detergent. It’s called HE (High Efficiency) detergent. Without HE detergent your washer will not clean properly. Using regular detergent may even cause your front loader mechanical problems. HE detergent is a type of non sudsing detergent. In fact, while operating, the machine almost appears not to have any detergent inside.

Unfortunately, we have become so used to seeing suds in our old washing machines that we mistakenly relate the presence of suds to proper operation. Nothing could be farther from the truth. An old fashioned top loader washes your clothes by constantly tumbling them through a full tub of water. Your front loader works differently. In a front loader your clothes are picked up by the vanes inside the drum, lifted to the top of the drum, and then dropped into water laying at the bottom of the drum. This collision of clothes and water will dislodge the dirt from the clothing fibers. Later the drum stops turning, the water flows out the bottom of the drum via the pump, taking both water and dirt out to the household drain. Finally the drum is spun at very high speed to remove the final amounts of water, dirt and detergent from the clothes. This front loading method of cleaning your clothes is both simple and dependable.

But, this simple method stops working if there are too many suds being produced by your laundry detergent.

If you use regular detergent in your front loader excess suds will be produced by the interaction of the detergent and tumbling water. These unwanted suds will accumulate at the bottom of the wash drum where they will lie on top of the water. Within minutes these suds will take the form of a big fluffy cushion. This cushion hinders clothes from reaching the water. As your clothes fall from the top of the drum to the bottom they hit the suds cushion rather than the water. The result is a very poor wash. Even owners of front loaders who are using the correct detergent can misunderstand how to use it properly. Not seeing any suds they think they require more detergent. They keep increasing the amount used per load until suds finally appear. This can be a costly mistake that again results in a poor wash.

Using too much detergent is as bad as using the wrong detergent. Extreme amount of detergent can produce symptoms such as leaking, vibration, noisy operation, and poor spinning.

If you have been using the wrong detergent (or the proper type incorrectly) in your front load washer try the following suggestions. Run the machine through a number of cycles using hot water. This should help expel the old detergent. It usually takes 3 or 4 cycles to wash away the old detergent accumulated inside the machine. Or add a product that will remove the build-up of old detergent. One such product is called GLISTEN. It is available through most appliance parts wholesalers. Some grocery store chains now include it in their laundry detergent section. As a matter of fact it is a good idea to use a cleaner such as GLISTEN in your front loader every few months. It is an inexpensive form of regular maintenance. A small amount should also be added to the detergent dispenser drawer to remove any residue from this area.

So if you think your front loader is not working as well as anticipated, look to your laundry detergent. If it does not say HE on the label switch immediately. Then purchase a box of the proper HE type detergent and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Kitchen Tool-Blenders For The Modern Kitchen

May 2, 2010

The modern kitchen without a blender is incomplete. It helps in performing various task of grating the food, whipping the cream and many more. To choose from the endless options is a real tough job as there are The Gas Powered model, The Immersion model, the Electric model, the Cordless one, Portable Blender, Battery Operated version, Hand Blender, Mini Blender, Stick model and the stainless steel model. These devices are manufactured as per your need and convenience.

Some of these devices are unique and can do the bone crushing job with ease. Some are handy and does not require space whereas some are huge and requires proper place to store. All the blenders come with different attachment for different purposes. These devices have different size and shape and come in variety of colors giving a better choice to the buyer. While buying a model the endless option may confuse you to make the best choice. Selecting a right product is not all about crushing the ice. Off course it is the toughest job but you need to know more about its capacity, functions, durability and on the whole its working capacity.

Everybody wants the product they choose should give them satisfaction and value for money. The best ways to choose one is to find out the features and the reviews of some of the best selling models.  Take into consideration of certain facts like how often the product will be used? Which one will be suitable for the family? Storage space in the kitchen. As space will decide the type of model to be chosen. Once the choice is done you can go further with the options and details important for purchase.

With the available space you can decide between the countertop, tabletop or stick/hand blender. The counter top model requires more space than other but it is the most commonly used blender due to its powerful motor and variable speed options, which makes it sturdy and functions smoothly.

It is good to choose variable speed option with the minimum 3 speed that can go up till 16 speed. The speed will quicken the process of blending from the usual required time. Check the jar and their capacity and make sure that it is spill proof. But the most important feature in any device you choose is the blades as they crush the ice. They should be of hardened stainless steel. If you are thinking of buying a multipurpose model just check the additional attachment and accessories properly it is stylish, sturdy, and elegant and delivers a lot of power.

The accessories like the breakers, whipping attachments and the mini chopping bowls make it a versatile device. Buying a product with the warranty is must as it ensures you of the quality and can be replaced if found with the problem during warranty period. So decide for the product, get the first hand information instead of getting confused in the last moment and come out with the best option available around you.

Make Your Kitchen Clutter Free Once

April 30, 2010

Most housewives would agree when I say that apart from the residing room and bedrooms that consumers decorate with significant effort, another area of large priority as far as decorating and grooming is concerned will be the home.

Here is the aspect of the household exactly which all of us is continually excited about, basically due to the fact that it is actually in which foodstuff and gatherings (large and small) are done. This is really the only place of the residence in which the smell of foodstuff perfumes the whole household and leaves the young children hurrying downstairs to ask for more.

1. A Reflection of One’s Relationships

The relevance of the kitchen area will not end at being a site in which the foods are prepared,  it also reflects how the family celebrates fine occasions in your own home. Even an easy dinner will likely be impossible with not having the kitchen area. Now that we know how the cooking area is one of many parts of the home at which the family’s relationship is strengthened, it really then is vital that all of you should help it to become clutter free forever.Consider a messy kitchen area  filled with unwashed dishes, scattered utensils, and improperly placed utensils  not an exceptionally good sight I suppose? You might desire to believe that a tornado just swept by your house and destroyed your most valuable place. But wasn’t it just because you promised to wash the dishes “in a while” but went straight to bed or watched a movie instead?

2. Make It a Responsibility

Making your kitchen or any aspect of the household for that matter clutter free forever seriously isn’t just a responsibility; it can be a responsibility and a commitment at that. Seeing that your kitchen is giving you lots of favors by providing a space to get food ready and develop family relationships, do a thing for it in return. Smallish details like trying to keep the silverware in its suitable place, cleaning the utensils and putting them where they need to be, routinely washing the dishes, and so on. These things may be quite uncomplicated, but is one way of keeping your kitchen area clutter free always and forever. After you develop the habit of trying to keep the kitchen clean and preserving its cleanliness, you may also be spared from the worry of seeing a little something dirty. The far better you do it, the more will you enjoy investing time on it as part of your kitchen area maintenance and you will feel even more inspired to cook and make your dishes tastier for your loved ones and friends.

3. Give It a Perception of Suggestion

In short to have a clean kitchen, you also demand to have suggestions about it apart from providing it ample consideration. Not only should you preserve its cleanliness, you should really also always keep it organized and orderly. Organization may possibly appear effortless as a process, but trust me, it isn’t. Initially it can be a bit complicated arranging things based on sizes, shapes, and use but it will at some point become a skill in time. Continue to keep your kitchen clutter free always and it’ll reflect the type of household that you have as well as the kind of man that you are.

Decorate Your Restaurant Furniture

April 30, 2010

Define a space, which is central to every part of your home. Kitchen plays the most imperative role in functionality of present day homes. Modern kitchen tables furniture fit into everybody’s idea of contemporary lifestyle. Integrated, functional and up-to-date, Spacify has a wide-range of modern kitchen furniture that satisfy different tastes for restaurant furniture in utility, colors, material and designs.

Loud and clear-the Echo Mobile bar is the best choice for contemporary homes. This bar-on-wheel is made to fit your dining area with ease. The wooden top and bottom come in four finishes-Walnut, Wenge, Cherry wood & Natural Beech. The sleek aluminium roller shutters close down to create a compact bar that moves as you move.

Unravel your concept of kitchen storage furniture and get ready to explore innovative kitchen styles for your home. Whisper smart-space as the modern day mantra for modular kitchens. The world goes by contemporary kitchen tables furniture that fills the lull with creative and functional units for a deluxe home experience. Open up to a range of restaurant furniture online with Spacify’s exclusive collection of designer kitchen dining furniture, wet bar furniture and smart kitchen storage units.

The Trio Counter Stool is styled to the popular criss-cross design that will enhance any formal or casual decor. The backrest is curved to hug the body providing hours of comfort and support. The cushion is piled high for extreme comfort, and the seat is pliable and resistant to everyday wear and tear, making this stool versatile for any gathering area. The ultimate mix and match pattern for you! Four dinner  one of each pattern: Leaves, Letters, Links and Circuit. Use it with your existing white dinnerware. or buy this set in multiples for your next buffet dinner party.

With shapes as dynamic as the Boss bar stool, you don’t need anything else to add a li’l sparkle to your bar room. Perfect structural stability and comfort embark upon the innovative design of this bar stool. The seat is covered in finest leather with a chromed steel base and foot bar.

The Right Kitchen Sink

April 30, 2010

Choosing the sink you want for your kitchen is a big decision.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the biggest part of the kitchen is the sink.  Having a good environment for your kitchen is essential as it is where you will be cooking, washing dishes, and doing lots of other things.

You want to enjoy yourself, and be proud of the room where you spend most of your time. There are many types of different sinks, and styles of sinks to choose from.  The most common choice for kitchen sinks is stainless steel sinks.  They are durable, and match well with most kitchen styles and modern kitchen appliances.  It’s resistance to rust, dents, and stains makes it last a long time, and turn out to be a wise investment.

Some people prefer to get a cast iron sink.  These are made of cast iron and are coated in enamel.  Cast iron sinks can be heavy and bulky making them rather difficult to install.  These sinks come in a variety of colors, and they have a nice smooth looking finish, however, they chip and scratch rather easily over time.  If a chip is bad enough, it can reveal the ugly cast iron underneath.
If you want a smaller sink that isn’t as deep as the stainless steel sink, you can have a look at the granite composite sinks.  These are extremely stain, heat, and stain resistant more than any other sink.  They come in a few different colors such as black, brown, and white.  They match well with newer looking kitchens.

New Custom Knives

April 27, 2010

I just had to tell you all about my most recent custom knife buying ventures. I saw so many great custom knives that I thought you all would really appreciate. Well, let me start by going over what makes a custom knife valuable. Like all other collectibles, custom knives vary in price, beauty and quality. One of the easiest ways to determine the quality of a custom knife is to find out who the knifemaker is. Just like with cars, the name of the knifemaker matters. Tim Herman, as an example commands a great deal of respect in the custom knife making world.

Next, you should take close note of the handle of the knife. Of course, you want to see a custom knife handle and not one that looks like it has been mass produced. There are many materials that custom knife handles can be made from. These handles are nothing like the ones you are used to seeing on your typical household knives. Some of the engraving in these handles, alone, will make the knife worth buying. Some custom knives have pictures of cars or people carved right into them. It’s absolutely amazing.

Once you have examined the handle, it’s time for you to look at the blade. Just like the handle, the blades that make up custom knives vary greatly. From material to quality to length and several other categories. Although I won’t get into it here, knowing how to determine the value and quality of the blade can make or break the deal. Collecting custom knives is much more an art than a science. However, there is a formula that you can use to gauge a large part of your decision. Knifemaker, handle, and blade. The three most important parts of a custom knife. If you are unhappy with any of these three, get out of the deal.

But what happens when you are happy with what you see, now what do you do?

At this point, it’s time to look at the subtle details of the knife. Is it in mint condition? Can you see any obvious wear and tear on the blade or handle? Is there a certificate to prove that the knifemaker actually did make the knife?

Did You Know, Seven Must Need Kitchen Accessories

April 27, 2010

Kitchen accessories are as much important as the kitchen itself. While restructuring our kitchen, we usually pay concern to interiors and furniture  and forget about kitchen accessories without which all cooking process get hindered. Be it simply a chopping board or a mixer-grinder, each of the kitchen accessory is very important. Without spending too much money, one can transform her kitchen into an ideal cooking place. Here we are going to discuss about seven must need kitchen accessories, which will not only make cooking a joyful experience, but also win hundreds of accolades for you as a homemaker.

1. Clock

It usually happens that you place something on gas to cooked and forget about the timing. Installing a clock in your kitchen is a very good idea for getting rid of this problem. Your food will never remain undercooked or overcooked, as you can easily the time through this clock.

2. Electrical Appliances

Some electrical appliances like mixer, grinder, juicer, blender, etc. are indispensable parts of kitchen. Be it your breakfast milkshake, lunch curry or meat gravy in dinner, at each meal of day you require the help of these electrical appliances. Others like electric kettle and microwave oven have also become an essential part of the kitchen. These modern electrical appliances ease your cooking work.

3. Kitchen Knives

An assortment of knives is required in kitchen for different processes such as cutting, peeling and chopping, etc. Because you cannot peel potato with a normal cutting knife and a peeling knife cannot be used for cutting tomatoes, it is advisable to keep a whole set of good quality kitchen knives in your cooking area.

4. Chopping Board

Chopping boards are a really useful accessory. Cutting vegetables and slicing fruits is very easy. Moreover it does not vegetables and fruits spill out juice on countertop of shelves, which otherwise get discolored by vegetable extracts. Chopping board also protect your shelves from scratches.

5. Cutlery

A complete set of cutlery is a must for every kitchen. It includes serving spoons, knives, forks, chopsticks, table spoons, dessert spoons and the cooking ones. Make sure that you have at least 20 pieces of table spoons and forks each in your kitchen as both these are highly used.

6. Storage Boxes

There are lots of things in a kitchen which need to be stored in boxes. Hence, storage boxes are also an important accessory required in an ideal kitchen. One shall have all ranges of storage boxes in its kitchen, right from small to large ones. While purchasing these storage boxes, make sure that these are air tight and made up of good stuff like plastic or glass.

7. Dinner Set

Well if you do not have a dinner set in your kitchen, buy it today. It is so because you never know how many guests will visit your home for a lunch or dinner party. For sure you will not like to get embarrassed by running short of dinner ware in front of your guests. Hence it is highly advisable to get a good dinner set. Melamine, bone-china and opal-ware are some of the popular material types available in market these days.

These were some of the most important and must have kitchen accessories, which you can’t ignore to buy at any cost. So, rush today and get your kitchen ready with all these kitchen gadgets.

Use Plastic Trays For Foodservice

April 24, 2010

Plastic serving trays have great advantages compared to conventional ones. Almost all types of these trays models used in the food service industry come with exceptional features. Their heat resistant properties enable carrying even the hottest food items with safety. Food trays which come in plastic makes are generally reusable models, which make them economical choices.

1. Food Trays in Different Models and Features

Beautifully designed and colorful plastic food trays add more elegance to the food serving process. You can find them in white, black, green, transparent and many more colors. Food presented on these trays appears more attractive and palatable. Therefore, they are best for use during buffets, outdoor parties and other special occasions.
Plastic trays are usually designed according to the dishes to be served. Among them, pizza trays play a very important role in all food service stations. Pizzas being a widely accepted and favored dish, plastic pizza trays enjoy huge demand in this field. They are widely used for freshly serving these food items.

2. Online Shops for Quality Products

Prominent manufacturers including Carlisle, Sabert and Genpak offer popular models of plastic trays for your food service stations. The best deals for these trays can be found in online shops. Just by comparing the prices and quality of different brands of products they stock, you can select your favorite plastic trays.

Exterior Shutters Kitchen

April 24, 2010

Many people ask me all the time: “What kind of material should my exterior shutters be made from?”

And I always like to discuss the pros and cons of different materials that they have to offer. these can involve cost, functionality, longevity, and more. Exterior shutters have evolved over time from wood to vinyl, as well as to other alternatives such as fiberglass, PVC, and composites so there are a variety of choices to sort through. This article will discuss the pros and cons of many exterior shutter styles to help you pick out the exterior shutter material that will best meet your needs.

1. Wood Exterior Shutters :

Wood exterior shutters offer many advantages such as the look of wood, functionality, and paintability to match your home. They are medium in the price range compared to some of the alternatives. One of the main advantages to wooden exterior shutters is that they are extremely popular and easy to come by. They can be hinged to the home to give it a more decorative look as well as to provide function. The disadvantage is that they will eventually rot even if maintained. Expansion, sun, and water will eventually cause most wood shutters to begin rotting within about a five year period. To prolong the life of a wooden exterior shutter, try to place in the shade and avoid darker colors which will fuel expansion and deterioration. You should also repaint your wooden exterior shutters every few years to counter cracking and splitting which exposes the shutters to the elements.

2. Vinyl Exterior Shutters :

Vinyl is by far the most affordable choice in shutters. Many vinyl exterior shutters, however, are made from moulds which means they are often only available in set lengths. This can sometimes limit their use on a home with custom sized windows. They are also sometimes referred to as “hollow back shutters” due to their hollow nature. This prevents them from being installed on hinges and requires them to be pinned down in all corners to avoid warping. They are a cost-effective way to add color to a home, however, some home owners do not like the shiny plastic look that accompanies vinyl.

3. PVC Exterior Shutters :

These are an expensive upgrade over vinyl. They are made from solid material, which offers. They can also be painted and most cellular PVC materials have a matted finish which gives them the look and feel of wood. They are usually custom built by hand much the same way as you would build a wooden exterior shutter, however, they can easily cost twice as much. They are, however, designed to last a lifetime which means they will not have to be replaced like a wooden shutter alternative. You will, however, have to avoid painting them dark colors, unless they are thermally stabilized with internal rods. Check to make sure that your PVC exterior shutters are thermally stabilized before purchasing them if you plan to paint them dark colors.

4. Fiberglass Exterior Shutters :

Fiberglass is an excellent choice. Although very costly, they are light in weight, forever lasting, and not subject to the same thermal expansion of a PVC shutter. They can also be painted and provide function.

5. Composite Exterior Shutters :

Composite wood shutters are made from recycled cedar wood dust and treated with zinc borate to resist rotting. The average lifespan of a composite wood exterior shutter is about twice that of a regular wooden exterior shutters. The cost, however, tends to be reasonably comparable in price to that of wood and usually much less than that of PVC or Fiberglass. Compared to vinyl, composite wood exterior shutters are more expensive, but offer the look of wood and more customization since they are generally built by hand