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How to treat your badly rusted gates and railings ?

May 2, 2010

You may have badly rusted gates and railings which you’ve painted with all sorts of stuff but with very poor results. There is now available to the general public a super method for treating rust on gates, railings, fire escapes, and so on. This stuff, I am reliably informed, is used mostly by professional painters, decorators and also semi-state bodies like Dublin Corporation on many of the parks railings etc. Owatrol oil (O-WA-TROL) as it known, has many very useful applications, one of which has been found to be the treatment of rust. (It also works great making oil based paint stick to sills, wall cappings,  facia boards etc.)

To sort out the rust all you have to do is, apply the Owatrol oil with a brush or whatever all over the metal surface (even seemingly good areas) with particular emphasis on the big lumps of rust. Saturate those areas and leave for at least a few hours to soak in. Owatrol works in a most unusual, but yet common sense way, i.e. it soaks right in through the rust into the base metal and forces out any hidden moisture and air, otherwise known as the food for rust.

Next, use a scraper to remove the heavy flakes of rust, brush away any loose particles, and you are ready to paint. No need for tedious wire brushing or sanding. It does not matter if you don’t paint right away or even for several weeks after, as the Owatrol will have sealed up all the rust pores.

All you need to do now is apply a coat (or two) of any good quality or colour oil based primer with about 25% Owatrol added to it, (this helps the primer level and flow out properly) Then finish by applying an oil based topcoat of any colour with about 10 to 15% Owatrol added for better flow and finish. This relatively simple exercise will result in a job that should outlast anything you’ve ever seen before. I used it on a rusty aerial bracket 4 years ago and it still looks as good today only for a little less shiny, but it held the rust back.


Earth4Energy funnel

May 1, 2010

Earth4Energy funnel contains two core parts , The solar panel making funnel and the windmill funnel.  At hand are various other extras which differentiate you how to take plus of the renewable energy sources on behalf of other purposes.  At hand are two main parts , the solar and the wind energy guides. If you make for to the advertise to good deal a about to made solar panel, you may possibly hold to recompense next to slightest $500. You may possibly even hold to run through new than to facilitate. At hand are supplementary patch-up and maintenance expenses too. What time you make it to a solar panel physically using the step by step information, you can make it to solitary with very not much money and even patch-up it physically at whatever time at hand is several fault inwards it. So you save a assortment of money with it.

The solar energy part contains all single list around how to make it to a solar panel physically. You self control gain knowledge of the instant details with diagrams and even capture information. You self-control exist surprised to think about it how relaxed it is. The capture information and tutorials make it to you understand things which can every so often not exist made transparent with the help of diagrams and textual explanations. The videos help you understand everything with no recital even the text. The windmill funnel is as well a terrific resource. Windmill energy is abundant and can exist used extensively to generate electricity next to institution. It can exist a terrific way of eliminating your power bills. You self control gain knowledge of everything you need to know inwards order to build a solar panel from drop out. You self control gain knowledge of how to fix all the wiring and detailed information around how to put in safekeeping the overload electricity using batteries. You self-control know how to contract the batteries very not expensive and how to reuse them. The various chapters are arranged so what to make it to all booklover a complete expert on windmills and solar panels.

How to Build a Doghouse

May 1, 2010

Take my advice, if you are going to bring home a stray dog, make sure the wife knows in advance. Pity i couldn’t heed my own advice, soon as the dog showed it’s face, it went straight out into the back yard, with my wife insisting that if i want to keep it, i had to build a dog house. Of course i have no idea how to build a kennel, so i went on line to see what i could find. You wouldn’t believe the am mount of material that is available on line when looking for dog kennel plans.

I eventually settled on a structure that would house one dog, and that also Incorporated a dog run.  It can be easy to forget that a living creature will have to inhabit what you build, so comfort for you dog is paramount. You need to build your kennel from weather resistant materials such as Cedar or pressure treated timber. I should mention that if your dog tends to chew almost anything, then please restrict treated timber to parts of the construction that he can’t chew.
When you build your dog house, the design should incorporate a few features that will make the life of your dog more enjoyable. Your dog should be able to enjoy the sun but also find shade if necessary. kennel is another feature to work into the design, or it should already be part of the plans.

One overlooked part of your dog house plans could be, the actual size that you make your kennel. For a dog to live a happy life, it has to be free to move around in it’s kennel without restriction. So if it is penned up for long periods of time,  freedom of movement is essential.

How To Build A Duck Boat

May 1, 2010

What are duck boats? Duck boats are customized and designed for the purpose of duck hunting. For an ordinary person, building a duck boat seems to be a hard task. But now, anybody can learn how to build a duck boat by themselves.

A duck hunter considers the duck boat a great help for it gives them freedom of movement during hunting, they can be where the ducks are safely and comfortably. Duck boats are generally small boat which can have a capacity of up to 2 persons but it is best to be used by one person only. It doesn’t have the structures to withstand waves, so it is best used in mild and calm waters like the swamp or river.

In building a duck boat you have an option to build your duck boat either from scratch or outfitting an existing row boat to customize it for duck hunting or you can buy a ready made duck boat shell made of fiberglass. These ready made duck boat shell are constructed for the sole purpose of duck hunting. If you prefer building your duck boat from scratch then all that’s required are careful planning and your willingness to exert the required effort to build a duck boat.

Building your own duck boat is much cheaper compared to buying a brand new boat. Though it may also require some amount of money to procure the materials needed, you have the option to fit your budget to what you can afford to buy. Wood is the cheapest among the materials.
Working on a good duck boat plan is very helpful for it will make the building process easier. Plans 4 Boats website have very comprehensive and easy to follow methods supported with videos. They will provide you with the type of materials that you’ll need and as well as the skills required.

Build Wine Cellar – Room Preparation

May 1, 2010

When you decide to build a wine cellar, room preparation is one of the most important things to do. Actually, it’s crucial and I can’t stress this enough. In my career as a wine cellar designer and builder, I’ve seen many homes where the room preparation for home wine cellars wasn’t done correctly, which resulted in numerous problems later on.

Every home wine cellar needs to be designed to sustain room temperature between 55 and 57 degrees and relative humidity in the range of 50 to 75 %. In order to preserve and age your wine properly, your wine cellar needs to have these conditions. For his reason you want to be extra careful when building wine cellar.

Here’s how you insure that you build wine cellar correctly. When you start to build a wine cellar, the first step and the first layer that goes on your walls is 6mm plastic. 6 mm plastic is applied and installed first, on the warm side of the walls of your future wine cellar. This acts as a vapor retarder/barrier and attached to insulation blocks vapor from entering into the insulation.

Second component is insulation which goes on your home wine cellar walls after the plastic. Insulation needs to be minimum R-13 for your walls and R-30 for your ceiling. So, first you’ll install the vapor barrier that goes on the warm side of the wine cellar wall, and then your insulation.

The third and final step in building wine cellar walls will be green board. Green board is resistant to moisture and is used in damp environments such as a kitchen or bathroom. More specially, green board doesn’t encourage the grown of mildew and mold, unlike standard drywall. That’s why is recommended for custom home wine cellar designs.

The other option would be to use spray foam insulation. Closed Cell spray foam insulation is frequently used in wine cellars. It acts as a great vapor barrier and insulation, but it’s more expensive.
If you do not prepare your room correctly you could deal with mold issues, problems with maintaining temperature in your wine cellar, maintaining humidity and more importantly making sure your wine cellar cooling unit isn’t running continuously.

About Principles Of Closet Organization

April 29, 2010

Everyone has different closet needs.  You may wish that you had more storage while someone else needs room for their extensive shoe collection.  Designing a closet is a very personal thing.  However, there are some basic principles that we can all follow to get the most out of organizing our closets.  Ask yourself a few questions and consider all of the possibilities before you begin.

You could be on your way to the organized closet of your dreams. The first step is to ask yourself what is most important.  What bothers you about your closet now?  Make a note of the things that you would like to change and ideas for how you might change them.

Next, take a good look at what you own.  Everyone’s wardrobe is different.  You may have a lot of dresses and long coats that need a high bar to hang from, or you could have a lot of t-shirts that can hang in a shorter section.  Think about how most closets have one high bar.  Do you really need a bar that high?  Is there wasted space below it?  Would you be better off with one high bar for longer clothing and multiple short bars to fit around shelving and drawers?

Inventory what you have and decide what types of spaces would work best for your hanging clothes.  Look into specialty hangers that might change your mind about the hanging space that you need.  Space saving hangers or cascading hangers can save space.  Comforter or quilt hangers can free up storage space up top for your out of season clothing.

Decide how much you are going to allow yourself to own.  Take your shoes for example.  Most people, especially adults, keep their shoes for many years after they don’t wear them anymore.  Get rid of excess stuff.  Shoes, old suitcases, old suits, shirts and pants that just don’t fit anymore, can all go.  Once you clear out the clutter, you can better assess what you need to make room for.

Don’t neglect the floor or the ceiling.  Most people leave too much empty space up high that could easily be used for long-term storage.  The floor is great for storing containers or your laundry basket.  Find little corners for shelves.  Hang hooks wherever you can.  Use the back of the door for hats or shoes.  Try to make a space for everything.

When you’re done, choose the right clothes hangers for your needs.  Your hangers can make your closet space look great while protecting your clothing.  Cedar hangers absorb moisture and odors, while metal hangers save space.  Choose the hanger that works best for you and your closet will be beautiful and efficient.

How Cleaning Marble Floors?

April 27, 2010

Cleaning marble floors should be done with a great deal of care and respect to the floor and its material. The process must be done cautiously and in an informed manner. has a number of articles related to marble floors and their care. Other tips can be found online by doing a simple search asking how to clean marble flooring. As marble is mineral based, it is able to achieve a high state of polish. However, improper care of the surface results in a loss of this sheen. When marble is installed, it would benefit it to be sealed with a professional grade sealant.

This can go a long way towards keeping one’s floor clean and undamaged. It is often a good idea to re-apply the sealant once or twice a year as flooring ages. Diamond pads can be used to remove scratches from an aged floor and restore smoothness. Honing with limestone based materials can achieve a similar effect. If the marble should get chipped, an epoxy, perhaps tinted, will make the floor look as good as new. It is often hard to tell that the area has been repaired after using an epoxy properly. Although it is a hard material, unsealed marble is porous.

This could lead to staining, so spills should be cleaned up promptly. Beverage glasses or other “sweating” items can leave a ring on the floor, much like a wooden table. Rust can also leave stains. Stains can be removed using a cloth soaked with twenty percent peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. Corn starch can be helpful when used for cleaning up oily stains. Marble floors should be washed regularly using lukewarm water. Drying with a soft material like chamois following washing can reduce streaks. Chlorine based cleaning supplies should never be used on marble. Marble flooring is a beautiful feature of a home or business. With proper care and cleaning, it can continue to be attractive for many years to come.

Steel Kit Homes Worth

April 27, 2010

Choosing a steel kit home over a conventional home can do more than just save you money, they can also save your life. Every since my early childhood, I have always had a fear of house fires. I have no knowledge, as to why, but it has always left me on edge, as well as being overly paranoid. I often check the statistics on house fires on the USFA website. I was astounded upon learning that between the years 1999 and 2008, there were an estimated 399,800 fires annually resulting in 2,995 civilian deaths and 14,6000 injuries each year. Those fires resulted in a $6,445 million average dollar loss. Although that price seems high, no one can put a price on a human life. Even though a portion of those losses was due to owner negligence such as smoking, candles, portable heaters, and lack of smoke detectors. The news of such high casualties are still tragic.

There isn’t a night that goes by that I don’t make sure all the unused cords around my house are unplugged, along with making sure the ones that are in use are securely plugged in. For, if not, it can cause a spark, and result in a fire. I have been doing this, from a very young age, and I find myself thinking. What happens when I get older, and I am unable to check everything? I will certainly worry myself to death. Suddenly, I came across the solution to my problems, Steel Kit Homes. I was excited when I read that they were fire resistant. Although no home can be 100% fire proof, Steel Kit Homes can give you a piece of mind, in knowing that they have gone that extra mile to ensure the safety of others. Steel is not combustible, but it is collapsible, once the steel reaches temperatures exceeding 400 degrees, it loses its strength. However, in addition to being built with light gauge steel, many Companies that Manufacture Steel Kit Homes offer you the option to eliminate fire risks. For instance, you will be given the opportunity to choose the building materials that you want to use to build your home. Choosing to eliminate timber in the roof would be a wise decision, for, as soon as the roof catches fire, the burning rafters are going to fall into the spaces between the walls, producing an immense fire. A steel roof would be a much safer option to choose, and steel simply will not burn. In addition to this, a concrete floor slab would also be a wise choice, considering the space below the floor can be eliminated by building on a slab of concrete laid directly on the ground. Be aware these choices are sure to shoot the price up a bit. Nevertheless, I would pay whatever it took to ensure my family’s safety, and just as I mentioned before. You can’t put a dollar sign on a human life, especially if that life belongs to a loved one.

Create Your Own Garden Box Office

April 24, 2010

Setting up an outdoor home theatre is a fairly large undertaking, not only in terms of physical deployment, but also in money outlay.  A sensible option would be to host a ‘trial night’, whereby you would hire the equipment and an operator to try it out.  This way you can get a feel for all the technical details and decide on the ideal requirements for your location.

If it’s the ‘Wow’ factor you’re after, and then consider how to make the most of these important factors, which will determine your Al Fresco Theatre kit.

  • Do you have a good spot to site the outdoor screen
  • Where can you place the projector/screen
  • Is there safe access for the power supply
  • Where is the best location for the speakers
  • Can you safely conceal the electric leads

Consider the sunlight at different times of the day – maybe you’ll use your Al Fresco cinema more in the evening, however do think about excess light from street lighting or next doors’ tennis court.

How can you arrange the seating, so that the ‘audience’ can all see clearly

Be considerate to your neighbours – how loud should you have the movie sound track?

Most locations are suitable for your garden Box Office, even incorporating a room from the house that flows into the garden, using this as the site for the projector.  This allows a safer arrangement for the electric supply and technical equipment, as it is weather protected and away from interference of the audience.  The only equipment outdoors is the display or projector and speakers, which need to be water proofed.

Are You Like The Perfect Antique Tub Faucets

April 23, 2010

One of the most important rooms in any home is the bathroom. This is the reason why most people spend a fortune for their bathroom and everything inside it. One of the most alluring accessories you can place in your bathroom are antique tub faucets that will complement your antique,


or clawfoot bathtub.

While more and more bathtub designs are being introduced into the market, the antique and classical look are striking fixtures that continue to catch just about anyone’s attention. One of the oldest designs is the claw foot tub that goes back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Such items are considered antique and are really expensive ones.

Standard bathtub faucets are much like the ones used in the sinks with all the screws, washers and valves to deal with, many also come with a specific feature that enables them to transfer the water flow toward the shower sprout.

There are two main types of tub faucets that have been developed for an easier and more efficient shower experience. The difference between the two though has no direct effect on the handle system, which simply determines the way water flows to the shower.

When choosing the antique tub pieces and faucets, one should shop around before purchasing a specific item. There is always a tendency to find something that may sometimes look better or be priced in a more pleasing way than the purchased one. Going around and visiting antique shops give one an array of options to choose as well as the chance to see certain items that one cannot see in the usual goodie shops.

Shopping for bathroom fixtures is like shopping for your next outfit. Since the house and everything in it is all about the owner, it is important to take time and all the due effort in looking up for that specific items to suit one’s own personal tastes and preferences in home decorations and the like.