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Making Western Barn Garage

May 2, 2010

The Western Barn Garage is among the most popular of the American barns. They are also called Prairie Barns. Typically, these barns are two storied, with the upper story being a hay loft. There is a large access door for getting to the second story. The Western Barn is a modern form of the Dutch barns of last years, the main points of difference being that the modern version is comparatively larger, and the gables are smaller. With the help of good plans, you can build one yourself.

The Western Barn Garage was preferred in the West and Southwest among farmers with large livestock herds, as they required a large storage space for hay and grain. As these barns were usually larger than the others, they were popular among farmers. Besides providing ample storage space, these barns can also be used as a shelter for livestock. A typical feature of a Western Barn Garage is the long peak roof which can reach nearly to the ground, creating ample space. A lot of these barns were built in the 1800s as agriculture spread westward. These barns are still very popular, and you can make them on your own, with the help of plans which can be downloaded from the internet.

Another feature of a Western Barn Garage is a large hay door which opened to the haymow and a rain hood over the door. Inside, a track extended out along the hood from which a hay fork could be dropped to lift hay from a wagon to the loft. Grain is stored in an enclosed granary. Animal enclosures are on either side of a central open space.
If you are thinking of building a Western Barn Garage yourself, good plans can guide you in your efforts. Before setting out to build, you would have to decide what you would be using it for. You may use it for working on automobiles or machinery,  use it as a wood or metal shop, store tack, feed or hay, or rent it out. You may also make plans taking into account what future use you may put the garage to, and go in for plans which fit your budget. This way, you would not have to make any major changes to it in the future, when you may decide to use it for some other purpose.

You can make your Western Barn Garage small, medium or large according to your requirements. You may make it a fancy one or plain, and there are plans which guide you to make exactly the ones you desire.
When deciding on where to locate your Western Barn Garage, if you have a piece of prime property, you may not want to make it the focal point. You may locate it at a place where it would be easy to get utilities to it, and where it would not be an eyesore. It is also good to bear in mind the resale of the property. Suggestions regarding these may be got from plans.

Building a Western Barn Garage on your own with the help of plans is a good way to save a lot of money as well as derive the satisfaction of a creative job done well. There are good plans which provide you with specific instructions and a list of the materials and tools required. They also provide a list of illustrations and blueprints which make it easy for even a novice to build one.


Is An Electric Scissor Lift The Best Choice For Your Project

May 1, 2010

There are different kinds of scissor lifts used for certain types of industrial jobs. For instance, there are electric and gas-powered lifts, as well as highly specialized lifts with varying weight capacities and lift heights. It can be difficult trying to determine which lift would be most appropriate for your project needs. The electric scissor lift is best suited for larger warehouse and indoor projects.

The electric scissor lift offers additional workspace, making it ideal for team centered projects. The additional workspace also comes in handy for projects that will require the frequent transport of a heavy volume of materials or parts. Another benefit associated with using this type of lift is its suitability for indoor use. Electric scissor lifts are used for indoor and warehouse projects because they are relatively quiet. There’s also the added benefit of not having to worry about emissions, as one would with fuel-powered lifts.

The maneuverability of electric scissor lifts provides a distinct advantage in tight and compact work spaces because it’s perfectly suited for making tight turns. There is also the convenient option of powering the electric scissor lift from an electrical outlet, should the charge in the battery run out. There are many benefits associated with using an electric scissor lift in warehouse and indoor environments.

Plan Closet Solutions For Your Home

April 29, 2010

The most important part of figuring out closet solutions is creating a plan. Because you cannot get to where you are going without a plan. You cannot arrive at your destination if you do not even know what the destination is. So how do you create a plan? How do you figure out where “there” is? You have to begin with the end in mind. So ask yourself questions like: What am I trying to accomplish by having an organized closet? How will I feel? How will it look different? Take some time to dream about what you want your closet to look like.

If you could organize your closet any way that you want to, what would it look like? What would be in it? If you need some help visualizing it, take some time to look on the internet or through magazines for pictures. If you can draw, sketch out what it would look like. The next part of planning closet solutions is figuring out a budget for your plan. Now that you have a clear idea of what “there” looks like, you need to figure out how much it will cost. If you have a grand vision of redesigning your entire closet and putting in a professional closet system but you are on a limited budget, you are going to need to figure out how you can have your dream but have it for less. This will mean getting creative with what you have and figuring out how to best utilize every penny that you spend.

Building Materials And Decorative Bricks

April 29, 2010

There are so many types of building materials and decorative bricks out there. They can make a huge difference in how your structure looks. Let’s examine roof tiles for example. With them in place you can protect your home against leaks and other problems.

We can’t control the elements including the wind and moisture but we can take steps to make sure they don’t cause extensive damage to the interior of our home. There are so many types of building materials you can select from when it comes to tiles for roofs.

Clay roof tiles are very common because they are durable but not to heavy. The lightest of them are the cement roof tiles. If you want something quite heavy consider concrete roof tiles. You can get all of them in a variety of different shapes to fit the overall decor of your home as well. The same is true of bricks and they are more versatile than you might imagine. You can’t go wrong with bricks as they are classy and timeless. They also stand up well to the elements and to the test of time. Bricks are heavy though and that is part of why they can be used to create a foundation that is strong down to the core. This is a very wise investment.

There is no reason why you can’t go the distance with bricks though. Find out all you can about insulating bricks and external insulation. These areas of information are fascinating and it could strongly influence your decision about what you want to go with. There are so many options when it comes to decorative bricks. The colors, shapes, and designs allow you to add a customized look to your home or your business. When it comes to these types of building materials chances are you have two things in mind top quality and an affordable price.

The place to buy them from to ensure you get both is Cyprus building materials. This is a well known business that continues to meet the needs of consumers on many levels. They won’t overcharge you for the building materials. However, you will have a hard time finding better quality out there.
If you aren’t sure what you need or what materials would be best for your project get in touch with them. They have skilled employees willing to discuss with you what they can offer. You aren’t under any obligation to buy from them but you will decide to do so once you find out how well they take your personalized needs into consideration. They can even help you to figure out how much of the material you need to get the job completed.

Decorating Antique Light Fixtures

April 29, 2010

Light fixtures have always been considered to be an important interior design element. In the days gone by they were considered as being symbols of royalty and detriments of social status. From the Romans to the Moguls light fixtures have charmed the interiors of castles, palaces, churches and mosques.

Today home owners have the opportunity to get a taste of classic antique lighting in their own home. From the Roman era the light fixtures have been utilized for years. Once considered a symbol identifying royalty and the elite social class, the antique lighting was a symbol of prosperity during the Roman times.

The moguls utilized antique lighting in order to decorate the courtyards and impress people with their wealth on the external and internal premises of their buildings. Antique lighting consisted of candles and kerosene to fuel them and then this was followed by the invention of the light bulb in 1830.

1. Exclusive Use of the Antique Lighting by Royalty

Many of the unique antique lighting fixtures were utilized by Kings to decorate their royal palaces. Rich nobleman and traders both are known for their fondness of unique lighting fixtures and the craftsmanship and passion for the elegant lighting has been passed down from generation to generation. Today the lighting pieces from the ancient times are considered invaluable in terms of their craftsmanship. Not only is the excellent of handmade workmanship evident in the drafting of the unique pieces, each lighting unit carries forward a testimony and piece of the glorious historic past of the Roman and Moguls. The rich culture of ancient times is replicated in modern homes today and of course is a testimony to the wealth, choice and taste of the modern day owner. In each piece of the antique lighting different aspects must be analyzed to determine the real value and origin of the lighting fixtures.

2. Classic Light Fixtures

Often homeowners who look for antique lighting units find them at very astronomical prices in antique shops. There are certain pieces that have left an indelible impact on society and lighting units classified as the Smoke and Bells which was made during 1870, is a timeless classic.

This unit as an upper shade in the shape of a smoke bell which served the purpose of diffusing the smoke which usually drifted out because of the gas flames utilized to power the lighting unit which was fueled by kerosene.
Furthermore another popular classic piece was known as the Tasso Sconce. A unique light fixture which had only one single light was finished off in old brass finishing which complemented the stunning Beaux Arts shade and is often considered part of the art decor lighting.

Another popular piece which is considered a unique and interesting one in terms of antique lighting is the Moose Antlers. When it was designed in the year 1850 it was considered a masterpiece spanning 5 feet in width. The Moose Antler design was built in two tiers and is comprised of eight lights.

Remember Granite Tiles, Make Your Home Worthy And Unique

April 27, 2010

Available in a huge variety of colours, granite tiles are enclosed with exceptional elegance and stunning designs that can easily add the artistic vision to the area where they are placed. They are undoubtedly fashionable and have become the demand of many a young people.

Today, these tiles have also overtaken the flooring world in a big way. Its usage makes you confident about the decoration of your home and commercial buildings. It means once you have installed them, you can be rest assured that you would not have to go anywhere to invest in something that can be used in adorning the home and office floor. They have the ability to provide a natural feel to the area. These tiles can hold against extreme heat, hence, they have become popular these days in the market. Having an extremely brilliant look, these natural stones are also less expensive as compared to limestone, travertine and marble.

In the current scenario, purchasing granite tiles has become an investment that provides you with a long lasting benefit. These tiles can withstand water and heat. These are the other specialities that make it the first choice among the masses that run behind the beauty and excellence.

Granite Tiles have unmatched and unique properties so they are known today as the great pullers of customers worldwide. Innovative and imaginative inscription on granite tiles portray a very special appearance all over the area and when installed at right places, fetch really pleasing responses by the people who look at them. You can create a splendid and stately appeal by installing them at halls. You can install them in the home and build a lot of positive energy all rounds.

Most people prefer to use these tiles in flooring and counter tops because they provide a whole new appearance to the home giving an aesthetic charm. Before going to install these tiles, one of the most important things that need to take into consideration its maintenance since like the granite slab and granite tile countertops demand an extra care, hence you have to reseal once or twice a year to maintain its quality. An arbitrary solution to anatomies this matter is to use car wax, however, you should take advice of a tile expert beforehand, regarding to what should be applied. This material is in high demand these days because it is also resistant to heat and other forms of stress.

Before going to install granite tiles, you need to know about the positive and negative aspects of these tiles. Check out the area where you are going to place these tiles. The initial factors that need to take into account at the right moment are moisture level, slip resistance power and foot traffic. Well, you have a visit to your local retailer store and find there a tile expert and ask him about all the essential aspects regarding the installation of these tiles. It takes some time due to the heavy weight of these tiles. You can usually seen batch granite tiles in a bunch of colours. They are really attractive for the people who love creativity at their homes.

About Steel Building-Solar Water Heaters

April 27, 2010

There are three types of solar water heaters , one being called the flat-plate collector. This type is insulated, has weatherproofed boxes with a dark absorber under one glass or plastic cover. This one is typically used for solar pool heating and it’s made of metal or polymer. The second type is known as ICS or batch systems and they have one or more black tanks or tubes that are insulated and have a glazed box. Cold water passes through this collector and pre-heats the water.

The water will continue on to the conventional backup water heater giving it a reliable source of hot water. This type of heater should generally only be installed in mild-freeze climates due to the outdoor pipes freezing in cold weather. This system is good for steel buildings. The final water heater is called evacuated-tube solar collectors and has parallel rows of transparent glass tubes. The tubes contain a glass outer tube and metal absorber attached to a fin. The coating of this fin absorbs solar energy and inhibits radiative heat loss. This collector is used for commercial applications in the U.S. Most water heating systems include storage tanks and solar collectors. There are two solar types of water heating systems which can be active or passive.

The active system has circulating pumps and controls and the passive does not. Solar water heaters need a well-insulated storage tank. Storage tanks are important because they have additional outlets and inlet connected to and from the collector. Systems that have two tanks, the solar water heater pre-heats water before it enters the convention water heater. In one tank systems, the back-up heater is combined with the solar storage in one tank.

This is who the solar water heaters work. There are also two types of active solar water heating systems, these are direct circulation and indirect circulations systems. The first one, pumps circulate household water through the collectors and into the steel buildings structure. These work well in rarely freezing climates. The second system pumps circulate which is a non-freezing heat-transfer fluid through the collectors and a heat exchanger. This will heat the water that will flow though the building. This is a good system for freezing climates. So these are just some of the types of water heating systems you can have in your building structure depending on the climate in your area.

You must also remember that almost all solar heating water systems need a backup system for cloudy days and times of increased demand. One backup that you can use is called a conventional storage water heater which usually provides backup and may already be a part of the solar heater system package. Also, proper installation of solar water is very important and it can also vary depending on the type you have. This includes solar resource, climate, local building code requirements, and safety issues. So it’s very crucial to have a qualified, solar thermal systems contractor install your system.

Use Denver Home Theater Systems

April 24, 2010

Denver home theater systems are popular and can certainly add to the value of one’s home, but they are only one of many automation features that can be added to your home, making it a more convenient, less expensive and safer place in which to live. Better still, the development of wireless technology means that Denver home audio video systems and more can be installed without having to tear into walls and doing extensive rewiring.

Where To Begin?

Digital and wireless technology has made it much easier and less expensive to install Denver home theater systems than ever before. Meanwhile, for those who have home theaters installed in their Denver home, audio video systems have improved in quality a great deal in recent years.
Professional installers start our by taking inventory of the rooms in which Denver home theater systems are to be installed, analyzing them for existing equipment and wiring as well as acoustics (for optimal speaker placement). The next step is to recommend equipment to homeowners that may be needed, such as projectors, sound system components and such. Once these elements are in place, the actual installation process for Denver home theater systems goes quickly. Before long, you and your family are enjoying the big-screen experience in the comfort of your own home – at a fraction of the cost of movie tickets.

Denver Lighting Control Systems

One of the places where households waste money is when it comes to leaving lights on. This is an area in which Denver lighting control systems can be real money savers. Not only can such an automation system be programmed to shut down lights in empty rooms, they can also dim lighting slightly – by 10%, which is not really noticeable, but can result in substantial energy savings.

Denver Home Security Systems

Security is on almost everyone’s mind these days, and not just from potential burglars and other criminal elements, fire and other natural disasters are always a concern for any homeowner. Denver home security systems that include alarms, video monitoring and security lighting are a real investment not only in the protection of your property and family, but in peace of mind. Such systems can be controlled from a central location as well as remotely via the Internet, using special security codes.

The Benefits of Home Automation
Automation such as Denver lighting control systems and security systems add to the value of your home, while Denver audio video systems are an excellent value in entertainment. Fortunately, there are many qualified professionals who can advise you and install Denver home theater systems that are just right for your home and family.

Your Trust Feng Shui in Home

April 24, 2010

The words Feng – Shui literally mean Wind- Water.
Feng Shui originated from China 4,000 years ago. China ushered in therir new year on February 14th ,2010[Valentines Day]. This year is the year of the Tiger. 2010 is Year 4707 in the Chinese Calendar.

Feng Shui aims to assist in locating buildings in the most perfect condition so as to release positive energy known as Qi[chi]. A building that merges well with nature and the environment also produces good Qi.

1. Yi Yang.

Feng Shui is made up of 5 elements-Water, Wood, Fire, Earth/Soil and Metal under the concept of Yin –Yang..
Water has more Yin than Wood for example.
Feng Shui aims at balancing the forces of Yin and Yang within a building.

2. Practical Examples

A practical example of good Feng shui is whereby the architects avoid to run beams across the living rooms or bedrooms. This creates negative energy in Feng Shui terms. Any decent architect will advice his client that such a beam defines space vertically hence if it’s a large room for example a sitting room that is supposed to be used as one room, the overhead beam that cuts across it makes the occupants feel as if there is something that is dividing the space into 2 parts. This feeling will affect the occupants negatively, reducing the occupant’s optimum performance. This is what the Feng Shui practitioners will call negative Qi.

3. Qi

The flow of Qi is the same as the universal order of the Tao. Tao is Chinese meaning ‘way’. It is the flow of the universe, the force that keeps the universe in a natural order. If you have watched the movie ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, you will definitely get the drift.
According to Feng Shui practitioners, Qi enters the house through the front door. A good architect is trained to articulate the main entrance through use of columns, expensive and attractive wall and floor finishes so as to make the entrance area unique. This is a sub-conscious attempt to bring in positive energy to the house.
Decisions such as putting up a decorated main door will also attract good Qi to the house. Grande Hand-curved Swahili doors are a good example to this even though the Swahili have never heard of Feng Shui. Each and every organized community has its own localized form of Feng Shui.

4. African Architecture

Traditional African houses were made of natural material-Earth walls and thatch roof. In Feng Shui terms, these materials give the most positive energy to the occupants.
The planning arrangement of an African traditional homestead was also to a specific order such as the position of the mans house, 1st wifes house, cow pen, granary, sons house e.t.c.
This shows that these houses were designed to unlock positive Qi to the occupants though they had never heard of Feng Shui.

Currently, in the modern world, the natural construction materials are more expensive than the artificial materials.
A floor finish like hard-wood parquet or blocks is very expensive compared to an imitation such as the HDF wood laminate floors. Another example is a solid hardwood door compared to an MDF door. The solid hardwood door is more expensive than the MDF door. MDF glue also contains carcinogens. In roofing, the stone-coated roofing tiles that imitate thatch are the most expensive roofing materials that we have at the moment. A thatch roof will give much more positive energy than the expensive stone coated roof at any given time.
This shows that you get more positive energy when you use more natural materials.


A well designed house that has been designed to the occupant’s satisfaction will definitely assist in giving him the positive energy required for optimum performance.
Design aspects such as colour of the rooms, orientation of the house, position of doors and windows, finishes and the overall shape of the building should all be considered for each individual by their architect so as to come up with a house that gives the most Qi.

Build Your Own Bunk Bed

April 23, 2010

I’ve built one my self for my kid’s room and with the kiddie design I’ve put in, my children are simply loving as they can also have their sense of style added giving it their own stamp of personality even if one bed is atop another.

Learning how to build a bunk bed entails more work and planning than say, building furniture. However, with meticulous planning and commitment to get the job done, building a bunk bed is certainly doable as long as you know how to follow easy instruction from a ready made plans.I’ve learned many things while I was building a building. Things, which I’m about to share with you in this article.


Safety is a prime concern for me as a parent. You know hoe growing children are. One is often enough to make you dizzy with their flurry of activities. Put two of them in the same room, and it’s bound to be some kind of a circus.

That’s why I made sure I built a very sturdy bunk bed for both of them. I chose a hard wood for this purpose as it provides more stability to the structure.Also, more attention should be given in building the ladder as well as the guard rails of the the top bunk. And personally, I have my younger kid stay on the lower bunk as I just think that any kid below 4 should not be allowed to sleep on the upper bunk for safety reasons.


You can build a bunk bed just by using some basic handtools like saw and drill. As for the materials, the type of wood you are going to use is completely up to you. You just have to make sure that it is sturdy enough.
Based on experience, you’re going to need 4 4×4 for the posts, and 4 2×4 but then again, wood usage is dependent on the design of the bunk bed. I’ve used more wood than necessary as I’ve installed some built in panels and small cabinet for the bunk bed.


The first time I’ve let my kids on my plans to build a bunk bed, they’re completely against the idea, especially my eldest. However, letting them see the design of the bunk bed I’m planning to build for them, they were eager to have the bunk bed done.
They completely love the panels and cabinets I’ve installed in their own space of the bunk bed.

It was an extra effort I have to put in but having a bunk bed plan beforehand made everything easier and faster for me. Personally, I’ve always been using plans for each woodworking project I’m building and building a bunk bed for my kids is no exception.

A good plan makes it easier for me to execute as it has the necessary step-by-step instruction so I don’t have to overlook some things. Of course, having pictures thrown in definitely made the instruction easier to follow.