Don’t You Like Automatic Gates

Appeal to automatize equipment has become, in the life of the contemporary people, impossible to live without. Accepted or not, beyond what the enemies of this reality will say, this technology accelerates considerably any process or procedure. In this writings we prepare to treat the topic as how the automatize  technology has been able to apply his favors to – neither more nor less -important thing, the gateway.

The gates are, in essence everywhere. Nevertheless, not so clearly anymore, all the gates/gates are not the same. It is not the same to install a gate/gate that is known they are going to pass thru thousands of persons every day, to install the door of a small apartment. Every gate is, actually, as always, to a specific case. And it is so, from the already above mentioned example, before referring to every item of an automatic door in particular, that we’ll like to show what the basic requisites are to think about the installation of an automatic door.

It will be seen that, actually, the conclusion of this problem is a very simple thing: The installation of an automatic gate is only justified in pros of, first, the need to improve the traffic of people (with or without vehicles) to a certain place, or second, the need to maximize the safety. This way, to sum up, the class of gates that we talk about exist, in essence, to guarantee the good circulation and the safety of people. Let’s see every case.

1.  Garage Automatic Gates: It is the most common use of the technology that we treat. It’s application is already, in almost the whole world, a clear need. The reasons that justify having a automatic garage door are simple,  the better circulation and security. Nobody will  deny that, in a day of heavy rain for example, getting off the car to open the garage gate is a real discomfort.

The installation of an automatic garage door eliminates the discomfort of getting wet when it rains. By pressing a button the garage automatic gate is opened ” by itself ” and you’ll only have to park your vehicle. For what it does to the safety factor it is , perhaps much better. Having to descend from the car to open  the  garage gate implies being vulnerable to a possible assailants’ move. That scenario is not an option with a good  automatic door opener installed; using different technologies (that will be overview later on) you will be able to handle the garage gate without having to stop driving. The options that the market offers nowadays for this type of gates are innumerable. Both the aesthetic thing and the functional one are perfectly respected values in this type of installation.

2. Industrial automatic gates: Usually installed in the big factories and platforms of load. They allow a better traffic, in addition to the workers and chauffeurs, of the totality of the materials and goods, accelerating and enhancing the logistic of any space of industrial manufacture. They are, from the newly above mentioned thing, an impassable need of the sector.

3. Commercial automatic doors: The automatic doors of the commercial title are, first of all, linked with the need to improve the circulation of the clients. We refer to this business, galleries or shopping malls that are visited constantly by a multitude. The most ordinary of all options is that one who incorporate a sensor,  so when the client get close to the door, it is acknowledge by the proximity and engage the mechanism to open, once the client has gone away, and if nobody else is willing to enter or to go out anymore, the gate closes automatically.

But automatic doors openers are not now days any type of innovation. To wrap up the present article we want to announce some technologies (already present on the market) that compose clearly an interesting innovation.


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    good article..

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