Tips Basic Safety Measure For Your Apartment

Whether you’re looking at buying a new house or renting an apartment, home security is always one of the most important aspects to consider.  While apartments are often harder to break in to, taking precautions to provide the safest environment possible is still important.  Whether there is a security guard at the entrance or your building or not, you can never assume that your home will be safe at all times.  After you have taken the time and carefully chosen the best neighborhood for your needs, here are some tips for extra precaution to keep your apartment safe.

1. Change the Locks : When you move into a new place, it is very important that you replace the locks.  You never know who has a copy of the old keys, so changing the locks is a must.  When buying new locks, make sure that the lock is durable and cannot be easily picked.  Furthermore, deadbolt locks are an inexpensive addition to your doors that is very effective in deterring intruders.

Whether you are inside the home or not, make sure that your doors are locked at all times.  In addition, make sure that the locks for your windows are well made and secure at all times.  Just because you are home doesn’t mean that you do not have to worry about unwanted intruders.

2. Don’t let strangers in your home :  If you have a buzzer entry system in your apartment, you will be able to better monitor who enters and exits the apartment complex.  Before allowing somebody to enter, make sure you are 100% certain of who they are.  The best type of buzzer system includes a security camera that helps you with further identification.  If there is no security system with your apartment building, make sure you use your peep hole to verify who is at your door.  Opening the door for strangers can lead to great danger, but can easily be avoided.

3.  Keep an eye out when walking from your car to your apartment building :  When you are leaving or entering your apartment, be sure to always be aware of your surroundings and any suspicious activity.  Have the keys to your apartment or car easily accessible to avoid danger that may be present while looking for your keys.  Avoid dark areas or any other places where suspicious activity may occur.  When deciding on an apartment complex, make sure that the parking lots, stairs/hallways and entrances are well lit at all hours of the day.

4. Make friends with your neighbors : Having a good relationship with your neighbors will only benefit you.  The safest neighborhoods are the ones where everyone works together to keep the area safe.  If you lend a helping hand to your neighbors, they’ll surely be more than willing to do the same for you.

5.  Get renter’s insurance :  Last but not least, make sure you have renter’s insurance if you are going to rent an apartment.  For a small price, you can protect your valuables even if you are robbed.


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